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June 2008

April 2008

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That all changes with Total Pro Golf 2. Utilizing an updated interface and a new “three-click” system, a gamer can feel he or she has more control over the results of their golf shot. In addition to normal, over swing and easy swing, games can now cho

April 2007

Text Processing in Python (a book)

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If you want to buy the printed version this Amazon link lets me get a small commission on each sale, about equal to the royalty from the publisher, but coming much quicker (and not affecting the eventual royalty; so I get double). Feel free to emai

March 2007

Thrilling Flame throwing trampoline - Weird Gizmos

Ultrasonic Sensor feeds the change in trampoline canvas to a microcontroller and set off LPG through a solenoid valve. Mikey has a RFID chip fixed in his hand to foil the trampoline from being used without proper authority in attendance.

February 2007