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November 2008

The Biggest Open Pit Mine in the World

Bingham Canyon Mine is the biggest open pit mine in the world. It is situated west of Salt Lake City, Utah, southwest of West Jordan. This is the largest man made excavation on earth, the mine’s actual pit stretches 4 km (2.5 mi) in width and has a depth of 1.2 km (0.75 mi).

One of the Sexiest model in the world is profoundly DEAF...

Her life history serves as the true example for the thousands of people worldwide. You will realize that life is not about what others think, but it is surely about what you think and feel about yourself. In every sphere of life, confidence speaks it all, you should have the faith in yourself, and the rest will be dream come true.

Salar De Atacama Is The Billion Dollar Attraction Of Chile

Who says the mountainous dry rugged surface is worthless and adds no wonder? It is time to prove it wrong! Believe it or not, the natural monument Salar de Atacama, the largest salt flat in Chile, has made everyone dumbstruck. Located 55 km South of San Pedro de Atacama, this natural monument stands as an extra-ordinary landscape well characterized by its extensive saline coasts, natural reserve of minerals and a territory of great depressions.

the World’s Most Dangerous Road in Bolivia

‘Road of Death’ or ‘Death Road’ as it’s called, the North Yungas Road, 35 miles (56 km) northeast of La Paz in the Yungas region of Bolivia has one of the toughest terrains in the world.

October 2008

Possibly the largest living thing in the whole world

Possibly the largest living thing in the whole world – General Sherman is a Giant Sequoia with dimensions that’ll drop many jaws. One of the tallest Giant Sequoia trees in the world reaching 275 feet (84.8 meters), the Sherman Tree is reasonably “juvenile”, as its age is estimated between 2200 years and 2700 years.

The Magic Of Sparkling White Sands In The Harsh Environment

The glistening white sands of New Mexico, one of the world’s great natural wonders has taken the whole world by surprise. Rising straight from the heart of Tularosa basin, at the northern end of Chihuahuan Desert, you would find these great glistening white sands embracing you in great style.

World’s most spectacular and extensive Rice Terraces

South West China’s Yuanyang is a province abundant in natural beauty and ecstatic scenery. It has earned great name in the list of scenic wonders due to its spectacular rice terraces.

Dingo Fence – Longest Structures In The World

Amazing and interesting though, none of you would have ever thought that one of the world’s longest manmade structures to be in Australia. Stretching across the Australian desert - Dog fence or Dingo fence is one of the longest structures on earth.

September 2008

World’s Longest Desert Road

Desert, as we think is no more lifeless; it has become the world’s miracle! Yes, believe it or not, the Tarim Desert highway better known as Cross desert Highway has been declared as the world’s longest desert road from being buried by the sand.

‘Daylight Window’ – Set To Make the Mood

Deliberately designed, Philips Daylight Window offers a range of random moments that allows the travelers to settle down, relax and refresh. Daylight Window concept explores and incorporates the essence of the shade and natural light to fabricate a perfect ambience with color gradients and virtual blinds.

May 2008

“Giraffe” Women – Secret of Neck Rings |

Living in the mountains bordering Burma and Thailand are the Kayan people, also known as Padaung. With a population of around 40,000 souls, this tribe boasts of an aberrant culture. What makes the tribe unique is the characteristic neck rings worn by the

Smallest Helicopter – A Tribute To Da Vinci |

Few of us are aquatinted with the fact that it was originally the Renaissance stalwart - Leonardo da Vinci, who was the first to conceive the idea of vertical-flight machine. In reverence to the versatile genius, a 75-year-old Japanese, Gennai Yanagisawa,

April 2008

Join hands with ONE to wipe away AIDS and POVERTY from the world! |

The ONE campaign aims at uprooting global poverty by drawing public attention to issues like hunger, disease, illiteracy that afflict the poor, under-developed or developing countries of the world.

Sooloos Music Server – A no-compromise solution for music |

For all music buffs around the world sticking to latest audio gadgets, bit-compression rates have always been a tragedy. Even the first-rate sound systems accompanied by hi-tech peripherals fail to deliver, when its source is in not-so-attuned MP3 format.

Dans le Noir – A Meal In Total Darkness |

To get the real taste of lip-smacking dishes on the buds, it’s best to close the eyes and feel the flavor. How about having the pleasure of some appetizing stuff at a restaurant without any incursion of light?

Perrier-Jouet Record’s The Most Expensive Champagne |

Of the alleged brands of costly champagnes, it has taken to the record books – Perrier-Jouet champagne a 12-bottle limited edition, with each bottle priced at US$ 6,485 (Euro 4,166) sets the record for the costliest champagne ever offered.

Goliath Sniper Rifle – Fire when ready |

It can execute a man from miles - is a long-range sniper rifle with immense punch.

March 2008

Incredible Adventures Inc. For Extreme Adventure Tourism |

ncredible Adventures’ hosts a team of competent staff world wide, helping people to realize their adventure dreams. Now it offers a myriad of adventures including jet flights in four countries, military adventures around the world, three great white sha

Concept Camaro Coupe – The Dynamic Performer Take To The Roads |

For the designers, Concept Camaro Coupe is a benchmark that could only be described by three words dynamic, strong and memorable.

Salar de Uyuni Serves You The World’s Largest Natural Mirror |

Have you ever experienced your reflection in a natural mirror right under the sun? No, then visit the Salar de Uyuni, in Southe west Bolivia, close to the crest of Andes, at an altitude of 3,650 meters. The stretch of salt extends to 4,085 square miles an

Making a world tour on Bikes – “leaving it all behind” |

They have toured 4 continents, 57 countries and still craving for a cycling trip across Asia in November 2008.

Hulu – Watch Out Clips, Shows Films Online |

Amid numerous websites incorporating diverse content on roll online, some amazing stuffs are lost in the horde. It’s all there in to realize the heck – delivering quality programs supported by some of the world’s best content providers incl

SwissMiniGun Presents the Smallest revolver in the world |

The smallest rim fire ammunition in the World manufactured by SwissMiniGun is a double action revolver enclosing features of a real size gun.

Alfa Romeo 8C – The Ultimate Engine |

Not too many people know about the versatile engine for road, race and sports - Alfa Romeo 8C reigning through the 1930s.

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