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22 December 2006

Brimstone & Harsh Realm: Salute to the Half Season Wonders

Whenever i think of good tv, I invariably head towards canceled shows like Cupid and G vs E. We have hundreds of episodes of Cheers and the West Wing and the X-Files, but for some reason I always drift to these little half season underdog shows - remember

21 December 2006

Birdie: The World's First Yuppie

Note her early rising nature and her wide, coked out eyes. She was the world’s first yuppie. But as the years marched on, Mcdonald’s softened her cocaine-snuffling ways, made her a little arty, and quickly sidelined her in favor of the much beloved du

"Twister"/Hilary Duff Mashup: There are People Out There With Less To Do Than Me.

For all of you out there desperate to see footage from Twister cut together with Hilary Duff’s “Coming Clean,” this is your lucky freakin’ day. Oh, wait — there’s only one hand raised, way back in the back of the room — oh yeah, it’s the p

20 December 2006

Overtime Comedy’s Best of the 90’s Holiday Shopping Guide: DVDs

We review dirt cheap DVDs of Mad About You, the complete The Flash television series & the Grumpy Old Men/Grumpier Old Men Two-Pack. Happy Holidays!

18 December 2006

Maximum Carnage, The Video Game. The Crappy, Crappy Video Game.

While you ’re swinging around decking tough thugs that go by the name of “Haydn” or “Bret,” all of whom either look like Gambit from x-men or Public Enemy’s Chuck D, you can also call in the help of your candy-ass friends like Iron Fist, who k

The Tekwar to End All Tekwars

"Tekwar, the William Shatner-run sci-fi cop drama about a futuristic drug that gives you hyper-real dreams but gets you put in cyber-jail, came on the scene right around the time i began to form opinions about television. Just a scant few months before, m

Muppet Parody Images I’m Glad Aren’t Real Movies: “Frumpy Old Men”

Come on, guys. “Frumpy” as opposed to “Grumpy?” I realize Statler and Waldorf can sub-in for Lemmon and Matthau nicely, but that title fucking sucks

Mysterious Punch In The Face

How will regular, everyday people cope with...a Mysterious Punch in the Face?

Why Isn't NYC What Movies and Television Told Me It Would Was?

"I want to get grabbed by thugs in an alleyway and be forced to do drugs! I want to run through the sewers while a phalanx of toxic waste chases me! I want to have a boxing match on top of a building with Jason Voorhees until he punches my head off (also,

Muppet Parody Images I Wish Were Real Shows: "Frogfeld"

Seinfeld gets the Muppet treatment, from

The Rock: An Island in 90s Time

the rock is like a collection of everything a great 90s action flick was meant to be, at its best. watch that clip, and witness just how much slow motion slaughtering and over-dramatic music there is. see the picturesque poses the dead navy seals hit. not

Muppet Parody Images I Wish Were Real Movies: “Swine Trek II”

I have very little interest in Star Trek movies, in general. It ’s not really my cup of tea. But you know what is my cup of tea? Goofing Around With a Teleporter: The Movie. I imagine wrath of pig would essentially be a long string of visual gags surrou

15 December 2006

Harrison Ford's "Bank Codes"

Harrison Ford's daughter has been kidnapped. The only way he'll get her back is if he gives up...the Bank Codes.

13 December 2006

Studio 60 Can't Do That on Television

but i just remembered the original “studio 60,” the series studio 60 ripped off. i’m talking, of course, about you can’t do that on television, a show that i watched on nickelodeon whenever it was on regardless of how much barth’s burgers grosse

muppet parody images i wish were real shows: “too late with kermit letterfrog”

let’s just say dave’s sick, like the time he had heart surgery. okay, in that instance, i would like to see kermit temporarily fill in for dave. however, i don’t want it to be just regular kermit. it has to be kermit letterfrog. also, the show has t

11 November 2006

if godzilla were my father…

a hilarious article about godzilla from

beauty and the candlestick, dumbass!

a hilarious article about how the candlestick from beauty and the beast rocks, from

mosquito: i can’t stress enough the fact that these mosquitos are big

a hilarious article about the horror movie mosquito, from

camels: suck down cigarettes, suck as spokesmen

a hilarious article about joe camel's general suckiness, from

ghostbusters music video: who you gonna call? the eighties!!!

the sweet, sweet sounds of ray parker, jr. from overtime

the animaniacs were an over-hyped learning tool

a hilarious article about the animaniacs & their entertaining educational songs. from

10 November 2006

the shining, part three… *boom* NIGHTMARE DEAD WOMEN

hilarious article chronichling the history of the shining from

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