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Twitter gives brands an ideal opportunity to reach out to their audience, sparking conversation and interaction with individual users. It has prompted a number of brands to build campaigns based entirely around activity on Twitter. The micro-blogging site, which turns 6 today, has been used in various ways to reach out to users and get them involved with brands online and in the real world. Creating a buzz is not easy to do with 140-character posts, so these brands have come up with ways to get users excited.


Oliver Reichenstein - Google+ - Beyond my Social Media Waterfalls After a couple of weeks…

After a couple of weeks using Google+, Twitter and facebook at the same time, I start feeling that all three work pretty well next to each other, in parallel, or more precisely, in waterfalls: I connected my Google+ account to Twitter, my Twitter account to facebook. Like this: Google+ --> Twitter --> facebook Whatever I post on Google+ will be posted on Twitter and facebook, whatever I post on Twitter will be posted on facebook, but not the other way around. The rationale is:

Thousand of APIs Paint a Bright Future for the Web | Webmonkey |

Once a novel idea that seemed limited to Flickr, the web-based API is now everywhere you turn — Twitter, Foursquare, Google Maps and thousands of other sites offer up their data in the form of an API. APIs mean that third-party developers can build their own tools and mashups, which in turn helps to fuel the popularity of the web service. It’s hard to imagine where sites like Flickr and Twitter would be today without APIs. In fact, these days some web services don’t even bother launching websites to go with their APIs — the API is the service. The SimpleGeo API, for example, doesn’t really have a corresponding website, it’s just an API that can be used anywhere, including inside mobile apps.

Suivre vos amis Twitter à la trace et les géolocaliser avec Creepy

Trouvé chez DownloadSquad, Creepy est un petit logiciel gratuit qui extrait, recoupe et analyse les données géolocalisées (quand c’est possibles) d’un membre de Twitter quand celui-ci poste un tweet ou une photo sur Flickr.


WhereCloud – Products

ortage views a Twitter user as a broadcaster and each user's tweets a


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