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Migrating from Ember.js to AngularJS « Otaku, Cedric's blog

I recently spent some time converting a medium-sized Javascript application using Ember.js to AngularJS, here are a few thoughts about the migration. First of all, why migrate at all? The Ember.js code is based on a 0.9x version and as Ember.js is approaching 1.0, I was growing increasingly nervous at the thought of porting the application to 1.0 considering the number of breaking changes that the new version contains (nothing wrong with that, it’s the risk you take when you use a pre-release version). Since there would be major work involved, I thought that taking another look at Angular wouldn’t hurt. Overall, Angular is a much more extensive framework than Ember. On top of offering a binding/MVC framework, Angular supports: Modules. You pick and choose which functionalities you want and you can create modules of your own code as well. Injection and testability. This should come as no surprise since one of Angular’s main developers, Misko, is a regular poster on Google’s testing blog. Support for partials and inclusion of templates. This is another thing I really missed with Ember.js, which offers no easy way to break down your HTML templates into smaller, more manageable files. Angular allows you to do this either through routes and partials or straight inclusion of files. Documentation. While the Ember.js documentation is fairly large, I found it very unorganized and I often resorted to searching the page to find what I need. In contrast, Angular’s documentation follows a clean structure where each page contains a full example of the concept being explained (a trend I wish more documentations followed: with this kind of model, it doesn’t matter much if your documentation is well written as long as the code samples work. Also, I really like the way they present the code in these samples, with individual panels for the HTML, Javascript and any other file you might need).



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