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Apple pour les entreprises




OCTO talks ! » Débat : Web Apps VS Natif

Application native : Application conçue spécifiquement pour une plateforme en utilisant le SDK propre à celle ci. Web app : Application réalisée via un site Web optimisé pour mobile

Apple iPad, Day 15: Working With Files on the iPad | PCWorld Business Center

In order for the iPad 2 to be functional as a primary computing device, it has to be able to work with files.

Apple launches Business App Store for volume purchases

Apple on Wednesday launched its B2B App Store, allowing businesses to make volume purchases of apps.

Developer-to-developer: application sharing for the iPhone simulator | TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Last week, TUAW showed you how to sign iPhone applications for informal developer-to-developer distribution. That approach lets you share applications between members of the iPhone developer program by using your signing credentials to authorize the application for use on your development units.

Xcode : des storyboards pour iOS 5

Avec iOS 5, Apple va proposer aux développeurs une toute nouvelle manière de créer les interfaces de leurs applications. Avec Storyboards, Apple remplace Interface Builder et les fichiers .xib qui composaient jusque-là l'interface d'une application au profit d'un nouveau système qui réduit encore le nombre d'éléments qu'un développeur doit coder lui-même.

Transfer files to and from an iPad - Computerworld

It’s true that you can use your iPad instead of your Mac to take care of many common computing tasks. But unless you’re ready to ditch Mac OS X entirely, you’ll still need to transfer files back and forth between your iPad and your Mac if you’re going to get work done. Unfortunately, transferring and synchronizing files between the Mac and the tablet isn’t easy. There are several different ways to do it, but none are perfect, and each has its deficiencies. Frankly, this is one area where Apple could vastly improve the iPad experience. Until that happens, here are your choices when it comes to transferring files between your various devices.


Écrans tactiles : Apple met les concurrents de l'iPad dans l'impasse

ou comment on maitrise sa concurrence en utilisant des composants introuvables

The Sexy Details of How the iPad and MacBook Will Hook Up

them the above-mentioned architecture-neutrality, but also affords them incredible pricing power, and ensures they can tap into consistent component supply, which will be a critical challenge as they lock up an even bigger slice of the supply chain. Apple can build an A4-variant themselves, or they can partner up with one of many vendors. If Intel starts innovating again, that’s an easy choice for Apple. If nVidia, with its graphics pedigree, emerges as a winner in combining GPUs with ARM-based CPUs, Apple can partner more deeply or buy the company. Or Ap

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