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February 2008

Creative Zen 16 & 32 GB

Since my 30GB 5th gen iPod is giving me issues lately, I've been looking for another portable mp3 player. I think I'd like this! :D

September 2007

Freud Watch

It's Freud on a watch!

July 2007

Joby - Gorillapod Original

Bought this for my Exilim EX-Z70 and it is damn spiffy. :3!!!

December 2006

November 2006

Steve Punter's Southern Ontario Cell Phone Page

This guy tests out cell phones in a mall that I frequent. Useful reviews for folks that live in the GTA area, I guess. :3

Shop Kawaii

Another place with cute stationeries. D:

Homestead Wool & Gift Farm

Farm animals!!!! Check out the precious little sleeping lamb in the Our Lambs (and special needs sheep) section! ;;o;;


For Nyan Nyan Nyanko stuff! ^o^ Unsure of shipping rates for this place since the link for Oveseas Customers isn't available. :/

ThinkGeek :: WTF?

You'll find this all over my blog! I should be wearing this.

ThinkGeek :: RTFM

More people should listen to these wise letters.


NooOooO. This t-shirt is being retired. D:

大神 ネイチャーアドベンチャー

Official Japanese Website for Capcom's Okami. This is, by far, my favourite official game Website.

@nifty translation

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英語・中国語・韓国語の翻訳ができます One of the better translation programs for Japanese to English and vice versa. Also supports Chinese and Korean.

Crescent Shop

Deputy service for shopping for Japanese goods directly from Japan. Great for poor saps like me that don't have connections over there. (Well, I sort of do but don't want to bother them.) I only used them once on Yahoo! Japan Auctions and really liked their service. I can't recall if their fees are expensive or not though.


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"... [D]irect downloads of high quality & free fonts with a preview option so you can see exactly what a font looks like before you download and install it."

OrganizedHome.Com Printables Gallery

This is probably pointless for a lot of people out there considering you can just pick up a scrap piece of paper and have the same results. (Heck, I still do. :P) I only started using the forms on this site since they made my lists look pretty! (And because I wanted to use up my black ink cartridge on my inkjet printer. :3) - Lucky Cat Baby

(Please ignore the Sunshine Buddies.) LOVE I really want the Lucky Cat Baby! It'd be neat to get them all but any one colour will do. ^^ Nooo. I didn't act on this sooner so now all the cats are gone except the gold one and the one with the yellow base. Curse all you people for buying them up!

All Things Kawaii > Shopping > Stationery Goods

Exactly what the title says. Er, well, maybe not. It's a links directory. ^^

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