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Amazon Cloud guide for LAMP developers (AWS, EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, RDS, PHP, MySQL, connecting a domain) | ClearWebSolutions – Fast. Expensive. Awesome!

e app is up and running, but might not be running because PHP can not connect to the db and because of that the environment fails. So lets create the MySQL. In your services menu find RDS click it and click Launch DB instance. Go through the process of setting up you MySQL, see screenshots below. Click Launch DB Instance, select the MySQL from the list, go through DB Instance details setup. Enter desired DB name and, important!, set the security group to the beanstalk application we were creating in step 1, it would be available in the list. This gives you the ability to connect to this database from your Beanstalk app. One m





MYSQL et la recherche textuelle - Club d'entraide des développeurs francophones

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