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08 February 2007 01:15

Logo Maker : Web 2.0 Stylr

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Enter your text, select your options and you have a logo! You can also "sign" your masterpiece to give yourself some well deserved credit!

Feedmarker: free bookmarker and newsreader with tagging

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FeedmarkerRSS阅读器+社会性书签, 相当于 + bloglines

08 February 2007 01:00

voo2do : simple, beautiful web-based to-do lists

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你可以利用voo2do做到以下几点:# 组织计划任务# 跟踪时间并提醒# 通过email添加任务 # 发布任务# 像纸一样简单易用# 有好的AJAX界面# 提供API# 改进个人生产力

how to be a successful freelancer

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As a freelancer there are many opportunities available for working from home or to provide an extra stream of income for your business by filling the needs of a widely diverse market as a paid freelance job both on the internet and in offline publications.

When Humor Heals

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A good joke can be a spontaneous response to a certain situation. It doesn't have to be the kind that you see posted all over the Internet or printed in a book.

25 Tips To Optimize Your Blog For Readers & Search Engines

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1) Dump The Default Template - Looks Count! 2) Just Say No To Bad Color Schemes 3) RSS Me! 4) Offer RSS & Feed Subscription Buttons 5) Offer Posts Via Email 6) Decide On Full Or Partial Feeds 7) Write Compelling Snippets/Descriptions 8) Pay Attention to How You Write. 9) Spelling Counts 10) Fontography Counts 11) Don't Forget Navigation 12) How Fast is Your Host? 13) Avoid Widget Overload! 14) Have Descriptive Titles 15) Look at your Cascading Style Sheets. 16) Post Often 17) Spread the Link Love 18) Be Aware of Your Anchor Text 19) Create Unique Stories 20) Use a Related Posts Plugin 21) Ping Other Sites 22) Buy Your Own Domain Name 23) Manage Your Trackback & Comment Spam 24) Use a Good URL Structure 25) Use Great Categories

How To Increase Blog Traffic With YouTube

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