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November 2007

Is Low NAV fund is better than High NAV fund?

We always think that the low NAV means the fund is cheaper. Low NAV implies high number of units alloted, however the total investment will remain unchanged with the Low NAV and high NAV fund as the total investment is the multiplication of total units and the NAV. What matters is the performance of the fund. Take for example, a fund with NAV Rs.20 is giving 20% returns and a fund with NAV Rs.100 giving 40% returns. Assume we invest Rs. 10000 in both the funds. Even though we got more number of units in the first fund, the final value of the investment in the funds become Rs.12000 and Rs.14000 respectively. This shows that the NAV is not the deciding factor in selecting the mutual fund, but the performance of the fund.

Tax Saver Fund vs Unit Linked Equity Schemes

According to the prevailing tax laws, one can save tax on the investments in noted mutual funds, insurance, ULIPs upto Rs. 1 Lakh. ULIPs are work as mutual funds exception, they provide insurance also. However linking the insurance with the investment is debatable. In my view insurance should be taken by everyone but at the same time it should not combined with investment. Investments are something different to the insurance. Another point to be noted here is all the ULIPs charge 20% to 40% of the investment as administration and other charges at the initial stages. So we cannot expect the high returns until and unless we continue investing atleast 5 years. For instance the ULIP companies charges 20% for the first year, around 12% in the next year, 4% afterwards (Applicable for some schemes only, may vary for each scheme). Coming to the mutual funds, the total charges must not cross 2.5% of the total investment. The investments may have to keep for 2-3 years. Tax saver funds provide the advantage of investing in equity apart from the tax benefit with much lesser administration charges. So I believe the tax saver funds beat the ULIPs. I believe the invester should make wise decision when starting his investment in the equity. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Hexaware Technologies Ltd.

These days sensex is rocking with new heights and reaching new records. The one sector which is not getting this kind of momentum is the software sector because of the increasing rupee value. But make note, a good company with good fundamentals will definitely raise to its levels when its time come. Hexaware Technologies Ltd. is one of such a good company which is trading at lower levels.

Reliance Natural Resources Ltd. - Why the sudden spike?

Now the time comes to the Reliance Natural Resources Ltd. Once it has recorded a gain of over 75% in a day last month, I though it is not worth to invest in this share at that position of Rs 90. However it has moved slowly towards Rs 140 since yesterday. And we have seen what happened to the share yesterday. It gained rs 36 or 25% in a single day, another big gain on an intra-day. I don't know whether to invest in this at this point or not. Some are saying that it will reach 300 in few days and some are saying it will fall down to 50's in few days. I don't know whom do I believe. Please suggest me what will be the next on this share price.

Future Of ISPAT Industries

The Indian Markets are falling down and the only worthy stocks in the mid cap category and small cap category are getting the profits as the large caps already booked lot of profits in the past few months. Ispat industries market cap is still just over 4K crore and is growing very rapidly. It has ended over rs 36 in the last week and ended positively even though the sensex and nifty are ended negatively. This company is picking up very nicely in the recent two years and has entered into the profit zone. It has recorded a net profit of rs 13.54 crore in the quarter September which is rs 5 crore or 60% more than the profit in the last quarter.

January 2007

Mobile Games and Applications

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Lots of mobile applications and games..

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