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June 2007

May 2007

Live Search

like Google Earth but cooler.


by 3 others
Free music links to megaupload and other sites.

April 2007

I Want One Of Those

Awesome gadget site, based in the uk

Ken Oak Band

Good band, cello/guitar

March 2007

Web widgets, desktop widgets, widget resources, samples, tutorials @ Widgipedia

by 19 others
Any kind of widget you can imagine (ie by the title: web, desktop, widget resources..)

Color Palette Generator

by 44 others
Generates color palettes from imported photos


by 86 others, 4 comments
Adobe's color coordinating site. User submitted colors or the ability to generate your own.

Fanpop - What are you a fan of?

by 1 other
Fan pages for almost everything. Full episodes for some popular tv shows (The Office, House), general postings and videos for others. Good site.


by 5 others
Random stuff, blog style

Ambidextrous: Ambigrams by Robert Maitland

Ambigrams, user submitted, classics.

The Geek's Guide to Getting Free Stuff | The Free Geek

by 2 others
Geek guide to free stuff. Self explanatory

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