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December 2005

interactive nyc subway map

nteractive nyc subway map - put in where you are and where you have to go.. it provides directions

lessig & battle over books

audio/video for the google print debate..


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1 cheap item sold a day

What Is Gaim? - Gaim

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IM application

Backup, Sync and Listen to Your Digital Music Collection with an MP3tunes Locker @

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listen to your personal music collection on any computer anywhere.. etc etc

November 2005

geobloggers - geoblogger users kicking ass since May 2005

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site that combines flickr pics and tags and google maps to bring together descriptive photos and landscape.

largehearted boy: a boy, a girl, and his radio

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music stuff .. news interviews mp3s

BODIES the Exhibition

bodies. i think that sums it up! all preserved and doing fun stuff!


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news and tech ala slashdot


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blogs to read!

EIK 00

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42 hours with buckminster fuller.. a series of lectures.. 'all i know'

October 2005


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make maps of your group!

Pump Audio

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get songs licensed with pump audio (video/quicktime Object)

halloween song featuring an indie super star cast


funny book covers to put on your real books (duh!) to mess with people in public.. - pageplaylist: index

a player in firefox to play all linked mp3s on a page

RecordBrother: Vinyl Sharity

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random records and audio to sample

Strange Reaction - The Fun Just Never Ends

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awesome punk and garage tracks

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