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June 2008

List of English words without rhymes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Because the definition of rhyme relies on pronunciation, words that rhyme in some accents may not rhyme in others. An interesting example of this is the word "of," which has no rhymes in British Received Pronunciation, but rhymes with "love" in General Am

April 2007

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&&&&It’s a bit of a copyright gray area. If you furl a web page containing copyrighted content and then make your archive public, are you violating copyright? Good question. I haven’t figured out the answer to that yet.

March 2007

Blog of Collective Intelligence

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It was then picked up by Five Great Ways to Harness Collective Intelligence of Dion Hinchcliffe, which lists:

February 2007

January 2007

Congress unlocks US cellphones | The Register

"Computer programs in the form of firmware that enable wireless telephone handsets to connect to a wireless telephone communication network, when circumvention is accomplished for the sole purpose of lawfully connecting to a wireless telephone communicati