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25 May 2006

Hack Attack: Automatically sync iTunes to any folder(s) - Lifehacker

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In today’s feature, I’ll show you how to make iTunes sync with any folder(s) you wish using previously-mentioned software iTunes Library Updater; when you’re done, you’ll never have to go through the annoyance of missing media again. (Thank Fucking God)

The New Yorker: The Critics: Books

"Game Theory": How do we know when we're watching real athletic prowess? Gladwell explains why it's not so easy to tell (with our eyes) watching basketball.

BIG FISH - New York Post Online Edition: Food

A primer on what makes great sushi. Mmm, sushi.

23 May 2006

Better Than We Know Ourselves: Pitchfork Feature

So how about predicting what you'll do next? Since the mid-1990s, online music recommendation or music discovery tools have studied our tastes and told us what to buy. And in the past year, several startups have launched with new, more ambitious software that someday may understand us better than we know ourselves.

Take Your Medicine: Impifree Bloggus: An anthropological study into the behaviour and habits of some wonderful creatures.

Impifree Bloggus: An anthropological study into the behaviour and habits of some wonderful creatures.

Stream your iTunes library to any computer

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The Profit42 blog has a simple, three-step tutorial for sharing your iTunes library over the internet.

22 May 2006

Zen and the Art of Record Licking - Soulseeking

"All this activity does signify one thing - the hectic disarray of iTunes and filesharing is nothing more than the digital mirror of the chaotic physical world of black plastic. Perhaps it's merely representative of the general avalanche, but there is simply too much music. Too much of it is good; too much demands of it attention. Insists on it, lest one be left out of the "current shit," as David Axelrod would say."

Sirius to Debut Music Show Hosted by Bloggers

Don't be mistaken, these radio shows aren't for you: they're for 30-something Grups with money to burn at Waterloo.

21 May 2006

One Man's Musical Tastes as Fodder for a Flame War, or, Is Merritt Rcst?

In 2004 Mr. Merritt, writing in The New York Times, chose seven records for a feature called Playlist. None of the records he chose were by black artists, prompting Sasha Frere-Jones, a music critic at The New Yorker, to conclude at the time on his personal blog that Mr. Merritt had a bias against black music, calling him " 'Southern Strategy' Merritt."

NPR : Berlin's Street Musicians Unite to Share the Wealth

In classic German style, there's actually a municipal office dedicated to making sure street musicians are licensed and that everyone gets equal access to the best spots. Every morning at 6am the musicians meet at the city office and get their 'beat assignments' for the day.

Children's Books You Wish Celebrities Would Write

Dutch is pretty much brilliant, and a pictoral depiction of "Come Sail Away" (Styx) is exactly what I needed this morning.

16 April 2006

Drunkey Love

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Nice WP theme.

14 April 2006

|| solutoire is a blog about WordPress, css, ajax, java and my personal life. The blog is powered by WordPress 2.0 and the theme is based on Hemingway and Squible. I've redesigned it and I added some ajax controls like the search engine and the commenting system.

Guardian Unlimited: In praise of boredom

This week an academic claimed that boredom was good for kids. That may be true, says Zoe Williams but it takes an adult to really appreciate it

Wired News: Hell Is Other People's Music

"Hell," said Jean-Paul Sartre, "is other people." I'd qualify that slightly. People are fine; it's their music that's hell.

13 April 2006

Something Awful: How to Fake It

f someone quite reasonably complains that the Ying Yang Twins are medically verifiable retards, scold them as if they’ve just called Martin Luther King Jr. an ape. Not only will this pull the rug out from under any rational person, but it will create an air of superior liberal open-mindedness toward all varieties of music.

New Kevin Federline Song @ Myspace

He's committed to the game, y'all.

Red Sweater Blog - MacBook Pro: The Whining User

Anybody who knows me or reads this blog has probably started to notice a distinctly unpleasant noise coming out of my office in Somerville, MA. What’s that sound? It’s human whine. I try to be patient with Apple and wait optimistically for a solution that will make everybody happy. But I’m running into more and more problems with the MacBook Pro, and as my frustration about a particular problem compounds into the frustration of the next, the high-pitched whine of my muppet-voice becomes ever more piercing.

12 April 2006

Guardian Unlimited Arts | | Rare grooves

Vinyl junkies don't just buy music: they rescue it from obscurity in discount bins or car-boot sales. Dorian Lynskey delves into the dusty underground world of the 'diggers'

Download The Internet With Webaroo

Webaroo has partnered with Acer to allow users to download the portion of the Internet they'd most often use, heavily compressed to fit within a portion of space on a notebook computer.

Austin's latest art addition: GuitarTown - 2006-04-11

On Wednesday, the company will launch Austin GuitarTown, a public arts project that will feature as many as 50 10-foot tall fiberglass Gibson guitars painted by visual artists and celebrities. The project will also feature several showcase Gibson Les Paul guitars.

MilkandCookies - Reservoir Dogs in 30 Seconds

Re-enacted by bunnines. This is the Unbleeped version.

photojunkie BETA : Web 2.0 compliant

Photojunkie Mailbag : Lighting in difficult situations

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