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igher Education and the Nation State. The International Dimension of Higher Education Huisman, J., Maassen, P. and Neave, G. (eds.) Amsterdam e.a., Pergamon (Elsevier Science Ltd.), 237 p. / isbn 0 08 042790 1 As higher education reaches out beyond frontiers and as more and more students follow part of their courses abroad, governments of individual states are under increasing pressure to adapt their systems of higher education. Yet, for the past two centuries, higher learning has been set firmly within the bounds of the Nation State. With the rise of a ‘higher education space’ in the European Union, a range of powerful and influential decision-making bodies are giving new meaning to the ‘supranational dimension’ in the world of academe. In this volume, some leading higher education researchers and practitioners address issues related to the relationship between higher education and the Nation State. Guy Neave takes us on a historical excursion, showing trends towards Europeanisation and de-Europeanisation in different forms in various parts of Europe. David Dill discusses the involvement of the federal and state levels of government in higher education in the United States. Alberto Amaral takes up the issue of quality assurance in the European context. Kurt De Wit and Jef Verhoeven report on recent developments concerning the interplay between higher education policies at the Nation State and supranational levels. In addition, Antonio Ruberti addresses the issue of research co-operation, and Fons van Wieringen discusses privatization in post-compulsory education in the Netherlands.