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27 April 2006 uselessly trifurcates reading new links

26 April 2006

Ned Batchelder: Python tuning tips

Python list.sort has the Schwartzian transform built right in

19 April 2006

18 April 2006

The Chronicle: 4/7/2006: There Is Such a Thing as a Stupid Question

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Remarkably similar to esr's How To Ask Questions The Smart Way, which properly implies asking for computer help is group self-education

Terra Nova: Indebted

"I suspect that this it linked to Ted's observations about the economy of virtual worlds being an economy of fun. It's just that here the fun is generated by reciprocal obligations that are compelling even though they are--as in the case of faction-grindi

15 April 2006

14 April 2006

13 April 2006

12 April 2006 First I can be in the movies and then I can be in real life

"Even then -- before reality television and web cams and even cameras -- it was a national characteristic, and you had to cease to be American to be great, or authentic."

11 April 2006

07 April 2006

What's New in Python 2.5

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New ternary operator looks like Perl's postfix conditionals: "expression if condition else expression;" generators become coroutines; genericized hashlib module; pysqlite now included; weirdly useless behavior for quit() and exit() called as functions?

31 March 2006

30 March 2006

FatBits: John Siracusa's Journal: Waiting for the handheld revolution

"Realization number one: the negative space created by a human hand gripping something is ugly."

26 March 2006

Feist - Let It Die (Mushaboom)

heard on KFOG this evening

24 March 2006

Twitch - Stand Alone Complex : Solid State Society. First Pictures & Trailer Online.

link to's slightly wobbly video of the Solid State Society trailer

18 March 2006

Twitch - Stand Alone Complex : Solid State Society.

trailer to be shown at Tokyo Anime Fair next weekend

14 March 2006

John Sugg: Daniel Pipes and the Danish Editor

"In all of the Lexis-Nexis database of stories from the American media on the Mohammed cartoons, there is absolutely no mention of the fact that Rose is a close confederate of arch-Islamophobe Daniel Pipes. Indeed, there is almost no context at all about

Wired 14.02: The Rootkit of All Evil by Bruce Sterling

"The real issue is the blurring of lines between blackhat hacking and legitimate business."

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