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September 2006

Camtasia With Resale Rights? For Only $17?

I use Camtastia quite often for my products, but at $300 it is quite expensive. Let me ask you something … Would you be interested in Camtasia if you could get it for $17? (and you get resale rights, too!) Interested? Click here to find out more:

Get 3 Free Tickets To 3 Internet Marketing Teleseminars

Internet marketing guru Derek Gehl (who served as Corey Rudl’s right-hand man), has decided to host a series of 3 teleseminars for everyone who wasn’t able to attend his Internet Millionaires Protege Bootcamps. And as a special gift to all my subscribers, Derek has agreed to let you attend all 3 tele-seminars for free!

August 2006

Download 104 Master Resell Rights Products!

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Download 104 Master Resell Rights Products! I have put together a collection of 104 hot MASTER Resale Rights Products (yes, one hundred and four!) available at an incredibly low price! But you must act soon because I am limiting this package to the first 100 customers only!

Top 10 Ebay Selling Secrets

Wouldn’t you like to get the inside scoop on what it really takes to achieve huge profits on eBay? But do you really want to sort through the tangled mess of mis-information out there on how make money on eBay? Well I have got some great news for you… Ultra successful eBay Power Seller Jason James has put together a special report called “Top 10 Secrets To Selling Successfully on eBay”. It’s not very long, but it is packed with good useful info. And best of all, it’s free!

July 2006

You've Been Lied To About Internet Marketing

Marketing on the internet is a mystery for many people. One of the biggest problems with starting an internet marketing business is where do you get your information? Many people have been misguided, or even lied to about current marketing practices and procedures.

I'm Not Sure That I Like This...

I just finished watching a video, and then testing out an amazing new product. It lets you rebrand practically ANY link in any PDF. In under 2 minutes I had pulled up one of my old PDF files and designated certain links as rebrandable. You don’t need any tokens or anything weird. Then in under 1 minute, I rebranded some of these newly rebrandable links with my own affiliate links. The reason that I say I’m not sure that I like the product or not is because of the potential for abuse. You see, even links in old PDF documents that were never intended to be rebranded can now be rebranded. An unethical person could abuse this product. Then again, that’s true of most products. The product is called ACE PDF Brander, and has to be the easiest PDF Brander in existence! You can watch the short video and check out this brander, which runs right from your computer’s desktop at: