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June 2007

Swinger Style

Swinger lifestyle tips and information, how to get into swinging, how to meet swingers, what to do when you meet them and other informative articles about swinging.

How To Earn Cash Blogging

This is a blog about monetizing your blog or website, read about the author's experiences and what works and doesn't as well as programs that are out there to help you earn from all your blogging efforts.

April 2007

The Bikini Blog

Sexy women's bikini's, thongs, swimsuits, body jewelry, high heel shoes and more. New articles regularly, links to sexy stuff.

March 2007

Sexy Blog Reviews

Reviews and opinions of sex and erotic blogs and websites with an emphasis on blogs. Lots of links to erotica and nude pictures. Find out about some of the sexiest blogs on the internet.

How To Earn Cash Blogging

Learn how to monetize your blog or website to make a little money from your endeavors. Topics include, traffic generation, writing styles, search engines, ad companies and how to set up a blog.

Money Making With Sex Blogs

This is an informative blog about how to make money with a sex blog. Written in an easy to understand style it covers things like search engines, traffic, sources of revenue, pinging, topics, writing erotica and goal setting.

February 2007

Sweet Love Of Submission

Tied face down on the bed, I life my nude body as my master instructs, feeling tender fingers on my bum, anticipating the sharp pleasure of paint to com...... Erotic stories of a sexually submissive woman and her dom husband. Erotic stories and some pics, links to other dom /sub sites and information.

December 2006

Watching My Wife

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Erotic stories written by the cuckhold husband of a horny hotwife and swinger. Stories of wife sharing, and threesomes.

Mandys Erotic Life

The adventures and erotic stories and pics of a 50 year old swinger hotwife. Hot stories, updated regularly, about swinging, the lifestyle and sexual encounters. Sexy stories.