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January 2010

December 2009

The Canadian Spy Coin?

25¢ Spy coin? Read an amusing article on how the US Defence thought a Canadian 25¢ coin was a spy coin.

My Page Rank Went Up!

Finally! My Google Page Rank went up instead of down for a change! All year I have been watching my Page rank go down one notch at a time each time Google decided to update their so called Page Ranking System.

November 2009

Make Your Digital Camera Wireless!

Ever wanted your digital camera to be wireless? I have found just the thing my friends! I hope I'm the first person to mention this to you, because I'll be the Hero of the day! It's called the Eye-Fi. Read the full post to find out more!

SPAM - Still As Annoying As Ever!

SPAM! I’m pretty sure it is safe to say that everybody HATES this tripe we see filling up our in-boxes all the time. I know I feel like the guy in the above animation a lot of the time.......... [cont...]

September 2009

Survivor Samoa!

This season the Survivors will be castaways down in the South Pacific Ocean on an island in Samoa, where the castaways will have their fair share of Heat and Taro. 20 contestants ranging from 62 years old to 22 years old will battle it out for their prize of a million bucks over the span of 39 days.

May 2009

Twitter Vs. Facebook - The Final Round

Well, I had the Twitter bug awhile back but the effects seem to have slowly started to wear off of me. I already had a Facebook account, but I rarely ever used it, but as of late I have been on Facebook updating my status every chance I get.

January 2009

If It Looks and Talks Like A Duck……Then..

A Muslim family that was ordered off an AirTran Airways flight on New Year’s Day received an apology and refund on Friday from the airline, which said its decision to bar the passengers was necessary.

November 2008

FNFO v2.0 Ep. #012

Did you have something happen to you in the past week? Did you keep your cool knowing that you would get eve with it when the time came? Well Now is the time. Flip it off! Not sure how? Well just follow these simple instructions and then pose for that FNFO picture!

Attention Star Trek Fans!

I believe that the next Star Trek movie to come out in August of 2009 will be the best of all the Star Trek movies combined. Why do I believe this to be true you may ask? Well, if you don’t want to take my word for it, why don’t you head on over to the Star Trek Movie web site and take a look at the trailer for yourself?

The Best Cell Phone In The World

Just when you thought that they couldn’t possibly jam any more features into a cell phone, they go and add more features that will amaze you even more! From Voice translation to actually making you a cup of coffee!

We Remember

This post is dedicated to all those who fought or lost their lives just so we can have the freedom we have today. We thank those who made it all possible to be able to walk the streets, speak freely, and voice our opinions, all without fear. Flanders Field Musical choir sings a heart filled version version of John McCrae poem..

Comment Luv Contest

Interested in winning some cash? Or how about some noise-reducing headphones, memory cards, ipod speakers, and more prizes? Get registered for the contest, and comment often on posts to increase your chances of winning. The more you comment, the better your odds at winning.

Wuld’a Could’a Should’a

I’m sitting here listing to my Audio Page that I put up here many years ago. It’s actually a collection of work that I have actually had a part in creating. Some works include me farting around with known compositions and me singing, to work that I did for a club here in town.

Jobs Unlimited Can Suck My COCK!

The first job that I actually enjoyed getting up in the morning to go to, despite my grumblings of actually having to get up and go INTO work. I’ll miss it and the co-workers that I got along with. I just wish I had somebody there that could have spoke up and defended me and actually gave a shit. If there was, I probably would still be working there.

October 2008

LOL Cats Plug-in For WordPress

I found this plug-in for WordPress, that I had to have it! What it does is uses GD Library to re-size a thumbnail image of the original so you may have it displayed in your side bar. You’ll need to manually edit the plug-in’s PHP file to the size dimensions you want it to be as this plug-in doesn’t have an admin interface, yet. Once installed, it will generate a new image depending on the timer that you set it for. Mine is set to update every two hours.

Abandon Ship! The City Is Sinking!

Holy shit we’re getting a lot of rain here in Fredericton NB, Canada! So much that the police are closing down roads here in the city because of flooding. When I was at work today, I was actually surprised at how high the river was, and that was earlier in the afternoon. It’s still pissing like crazy out there right now and it’s later in the evening. I can expect that a lot of low lying areas will get some pretty bad flooding if this afternoons river height was any indication.

Awesome AdSense Plugin For WordPress

Over the past few years, I’ve been lucky to see a maximum of approximately $1 a day from AdSense. That is if I’m lucky, but most of the time it was below a buck. So basically it took several months to reach the minimum payout of $100. Well things have drastically changed since I’ve installed a new plug-in called WhyDoWork Adsense Plugin.

September 2008

National Do Not Call List Canada

When I heard on the radio this morning, that this service was finally available today here in Canada, the first thing I did was log into the National Do Not Call List Website through the CRTC. It’s to bad it took this long to get set up here. Probably a lot of Canadian Red Tape prolonged the whole thing.

FNFO v2.0 Ep. #003

Did you have something happen to you in the past week? Did you keep your cool knowing that you would get even with it when the time came? Well Now is the time. Flip it off! Not sure how? Well just follow these simple instructions and then pose for that FNFO picture!

Will Tomorrow Be The End Of The Universe?

You see, there are a bunch of Geeks that have this gigantic toy, the largest machine ever built - a giant, ring-shaped atom smasher called the “Large Hadron Collider” (LHC). The thing is 27 kilometers around and will hurl a few tiny amounts of matter close to light speed in opposite directions around the rings of the LHC. Then, when they’re at full speed, they will cross the beams and smash the matter together inside four giant detectors. Didn’t they ever watch the Ghost Busters? You NEVER cross the beams!

Got Service Pack 3 Problems?

I got the error: ‘Access Denied’ and it was followed by another error ‘ Service Pack Installation Did Not Complete’ Then when it undid what it couldn’t do it prompted me that the update was partially updated and that Windows XP would probably not function properly. I did get it working, and I posted just how I did it.

August 2008

Feed My Mouth! Share Your Recipes.

I know there are a lot of you out there that have some great cooking ideas because I’ve seen some of your posts. It’s open to all who want to join in on the group. From Tasty Animal recipes to vegetarian and or vegan recipes. I’ve got a crap load of sauces to share too. Can you imaging the categories the site will need!! YIKES! Good old search boxes, ya’ can’t live without them. :P Go to his Cooking Blog post to voice your suggestions.

Pulling Out My Meat

When I woke up, I turned on the news to see if there was anything new about the Listeriosis Outbreak with Maple Leaf Meats. With 26 confirmed cases and 12 deaths, I went routing through my fridge checking out the meat products I had while using the recent Recall list of tainted meats.

My Workplace Sun Rise View

This is one of the best things about going into work early in the morning. My work station has wall to wall windows and the following video will give you a taste of what I get to watch each morning. I heard the background music from someplace, but couldn’t remember where I heard it from, and since it was something that stuck in my head so easily, I re-created it in my Cakewalk Music Writing Software.

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