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26 February 2007

I Woke up on the Side of the Road

My mouth tasted like cigarettes and a night full of random liquor when I awoke. I was laying face down on the ground with my body in an awkward position which made me think I had collapsed into this very pose sometime late last night. I tried opening my e

25 February 2007

Busy morning in Waikiki, Hawaii

This morning we woke up late and took a few hits from the pipe before heading out to get breakfast from the bakery. When we got down the street we saw a big commotion and decided to mosey on over and be nosy. What the fuck was this?! A cop car ran into an

23 February 2007

I was melting into the floor

I'm fucked up right now on Salvia, or sage. It cost us $37 for a single gram from the Purple Ringer. It's quite an interesting high. It's comparable to mushrooms I'd say. It's much more psychedelic than pot and makes you very comfortable. Right after smok

An unstoppable horny beast with a raging hard-on

Here goes nothing. Again. I am going to admit something here in this journal entry that you may or may not have known. I am a pervert, sick and demented pervert. I am a sexual predator (not in a gross child molesting sense of course but rather just a big

Hawaii Porn - Take it or leave it

Today was a beautiful day once again here in Hawaii. The waves were up and the sun was shining. The beaches were littered with tourists and sexy girls trying to get tan before returning to some cold place other than here. Meanwhile, back at my porn cave I

22 February 2007

Brooklyn Rake - My New Gangbang Friend from Manhattan and his Sex Blog

It seems like everyone is sending me emails about the site lately. Some good, some bad. This guy sent me this nice email the other day: --------------- I just came across your blog, and I look forward to reading it. It's good to hear stories from the

Astro Creep

I got an email today from this loser about a post I made here concerning a previous email he sent. Its funny because in that post I mention that his sites were cool and you should go

20 February 2007

Romeo and Juliet Strip Club Style

Laura bought us tickets to Romeo and Juliet in theater for Valentine's day. Little did she know but the play was set in a strip club. They must have hired some of the best strippers on the island because these girls were smoking hot and knew how to work i

The South will Rise Again

Today I went surfing and lost count how many waves I caught. I considered today as the beginning of the new south season on Oahu. Sure it might not really be in full swing until another few months but today was the start. There is currently a nice souther

17 February 2007

"Do you need fucking directions?"

Seems like my journal entries end up just being a record of my weekends. Regardless, I've got some tales to tell you about yesterday. That will be all I talk about in this entry. I should have a sufficient amount of material to write about. The plan wa

Nice and liquored up, ready for some pussy to mouth swapping between the two.

Let me fill you in on a few things. I've been in the mood for shorter entries lately so this one will be as well. It seems like I can find time to write a short entry more often. Writing a long entry sometimes takes forever so I think I?m going to move aw

14 February 2007

First-hand experience setting up a wiki in two different work environments

I have initiated and promoted the use of wiki software in the two most recent companies I've worked for. I will explain my experiences with starting a wiki withing these two different working environments: a large corporate and a mid-sized company. Whi

09 February 2007

Rails Tag Cloud

I've searched around for a decent tag cloud for Rails and really liked this Rails Tag Cloud solution. Its simple, easy to setup, and I like how it separates the c

Goodbye (notso)fastcgi, Hello Mongrel

I've just started using Mongrel instead of fastcgi for my Rails apps. Its only been a few days but I'm already loving the difference. Its so much faster than before. It wasn't hard setting up either. Now Apache just proxies requests to Mongrel. I used thi

Hawaii High

I am taking my lunch break right now. I was just sitting here at the kitchen table working when Laura came across a bud. We had run out of herb a few days ago so it was a pleasent suprise. So yes, I took a nice big hit and took my lunch break. I'm fine th

Surf Photography

We've been planning out a new site specifically for photographing surfers and allowing them to purchase their pictures. The site is now up and has some pictures. Melissa bought a digital camera and an underwater case and it just came in the mail. We went

First photo sold!

I'm so excited I had to write about it. The bowl is glowing and the wiskey is a flowing. I'm proud to announce that someone has purchased the first photograph of them surfing online over at her site for $10. That's wonderful. This proves to me that it rea

Less Talk More Action

Since I've started Mabusfoo Productions, I've gone over in my mind different ideas for making money and I keep coming to the most obvious place for me, adult sites. In particular, individual girl paysites. There are tons of sites like the ones I envision

Paysite update and fucked up ribs

My paysite software is coming along nicely. I'm very close to deciding which credit processor to go with. A day or two ago I setup a business bank account for my web development company. Things are moving very quickly. I'm very confident that I'll make th

Time To Make Some Porn

I've stopped working on the paysite software. Why? Because I'm focusing my energies on producing content for my sites now. I'm starting to find people interested in starting a sites and I think things are just going to look better and better with respect

Clear Heel Hoes now live

I've decided that <a href="" alt="Clear Heel Hoes"></a> was far enough along to announce that I am launching it almost 2 weeks earlier than expected. There is only one credit card processor integrated into the site

07 February 2007

Get more free girls than ever before!

I've started adding more girls to my site I wrote the software for the site myself so please let me know if you experience any problems of have any comments to improve it. Feel free to click ar

06 February 2007

Bowmore Islay Single Malt Scotch Whiskey 17 year old

I just picked up a bottle of Bowmore Islay Single Malt Scotch Whiskey 17 year old for about $60. I chose this bottle because while in the store I thought it was the bottle that had the medicinal taste when young. I figured this one was older than my previ

05 February 2007

04 February 2007

The Dong Shop Now Open

It was only a matter of time before someone called me a useless dildo. That gave me a great idea, The Dong Shop. You can find all sorts of dildos, vibrators, soft vibrating pussies and assholes, and of course blow up doll

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