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April 2012

Libre Projects

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Web services listed here have free usage & sharing as a main goal – using free licenses such as MIT, GNU AGPL, Creative Commons or similar terms. There will be no advertising for corporations that offer libre features as a niche service. On the other hand, platforms that mainly distribute free content and don't require user accounts do not have to be free themselves.

May 2010

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This is, a micro-blogging service based on the Free Software StatusNet tool. Join now to share notices about yourself with friends, family, and colleagues!

diaspora - alpha

first sprint. It is our one and only goal to get Diaspora in the hands of every man, woman, and child at summer’s end. September 2010 will signify the release of the project in its first iteration, fully open-sourced under the GPL. This release will be comprised of several key features for Diaspora, mainly: * Full-fledged communications between Seeds (Diaspora instances) * Complete PGP encryption * External Service Scraping of most major services (reclaim your data) * Version 1 of Diaspora’s API with documentation * Public GitHub repository of all Diaspora code

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