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04 February 2011

19 January 2011


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Social micropayments

Air Bnb

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Réservez votre nuit chez des particuliers dans 8249 villes et 170 pays

Bowler Framework

Bowler - A RESTful, Multi-Channel ready Scala Web Framework with a functional flavor

18 January 2011


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Moteur de recherches d'emploi

17 January 2011

Play framework enhancement : modules and plugins

In summary, this article describes a simple example of how to define a Java annotation that will declaratively add behaviour to a model class in a Play framework application. You can do with with a custom annotation and a Play module that enhances the model JavaBean class.


A template engine for Java


* Collect information from cell phones, news and the web. * Aggregate that information into a single platform. * Visualize it on a map and timeline.


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Software for information collection, visualization and interactive mapping

11 January 2011

Mockist/Classical testing, Behavior/State testing

In this article, Martin Fowler explains how mock objects work, how they encourage testing based on behavior verification, and how the community around them uses them to develop a different style of testing

07 January 2011


PowerMock uses a custom classloader and bytecode manipulation to enable mocking of static methods, constructors, final classes and methods, private methods, removal of static initializers and more. Currently PowerMock supports EasyMock and Mockito


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By martin Fowler. Catalogue de practices pour refactorer du code.


The Google App Engine/J low-level datastore API is simple and elegant, neatly reducing your data operations to four simple methods: get, put, delete, and query. However, it is not designed to be used by the average develope


Object Datastore for Google App Engine. Twig is an object persistence interface built on Google App Engine.


Framework de mock java


Modernizr is a small and simple JavaScript library that helps you take advantage of emerging web technologies (CSS3, HTML 5) while still maintaining a fine level of control over older browsers that may not yet support these new technologies.


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Enterprise social network

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