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08 May 2005 03:15

My TextAmerica Moblog

I have a moblog hosted with textamerica. I walk around with my cell phone and take pictures. I then send them to an email address and they magically appear on the moblog! Check it out and start one of your own.

The Birthday Massacre

Nothing and Nowhere. This website is by far one of the best that I have ever enjoyed. The website is done in flash. I went ahead and purchased both albums for the Birthday Massacre. The bands music reminds me of my old college days when I was into darker music.

Strong Bad Email

Strong bad is a flash cartoon that comes out about once a week. A funny looking guy reads email sent to him by the sites viewers and makes fun of grammer mistakes and just about anything else.

Kerry Says Republicans Distorted His Record

Back and forth ... back and forth. Bush and Kerry keep going at it. All of this "junk" keeps getting in the way of what is going on.

Audio of Lewie

by 1 other
Don't be scared. Just press the play button. My first audio post to the blogger.

Picture of Lewie

Yep ... it is a picture of me, Lewie!

Lewie and Grand Mom

This is a picture of me and my grandmother on thanks giving day. She is the greatest.

08 May 2005 03:00

First Blog

First post written on my blogspot blog.

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