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30 May 2006

Devlounge | Prebuilt

by 5 others
A simple, clean wordpress theme with flickr integration. The only thing I didn't like about this theme was the way the comments were styled, but that would be a quick fix.

23 May 2006

Hitler's Report Cards

No reason, just helping Mia with homework.

22 May 2006

Color Burn

Inspiration daily.


by 6 others
Remind me to install this sometime soon!

21 May 2006

The Genographic Project

Human Migration, Population Genetics, Maps, DNA: This sounds very interesting. I'd love to participate!

17 May 2006

self portrait challenge

Like I need to take more pictures of myself!

15 May 2006

Cancer, Baby

Be thankful for what you have.

14 May 2006

Mother's Day

Could my sister and her family be any cuter? Check out their kitchen!

12 May 2006


I wish I would have started something like this years ago.

11 May 2006

09 May 2006

08 May 2006

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01 May 2006

29 April 2006

27 April 2006

26 April 2006

21 April 2006

20 April 2006

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