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18 February 2007

Creative Commons Nederland

Metadata inbouwen in MP3s

17 February 2007

Publishing your audio | Creative Commons

hiervan vertrekken aanmaken cc licentie zonder website

Internet Archive: Open Source Audio

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gratis muziek onder cc licentie, gn probleem grote bestanden

Creative Commons Deed

nederlandse versie

16 February 2007

Joint Stereo: The Myths ... and The Realities

the basic principles of mp3 compression.

15 February 2007

Ogg Vorbis - Wikipedia

Ogg Vorbis is de open source-compressiemethode voor geluidsbestanden, die vrij is van patenten, dit in tegenstelling tot bijvoorbeeld de audio-indelingen MP3 en Microsofts WMA.

14 February 2007

13 February 2007

12 February 2007

09 February 2007

08 February 2007

Obvious Corp

by 1 other was recently acquired from Odeo, Inc. As one of the first, and largest, podcasting sites, Odeo is growing rapidly to become a hub for audio on the web. It's a bit confusing now, but Obvious is currently redesigning Odeo to be more simple and dire Definition of encounter

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Play Tagger is a neat little tool that allows you to easily play mp3 files directly on (see the popular mp3 bookmarks), and you can have it for your website or blog too.