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22 May 2006

LedLightRay : LED Faucet - Nice Look for Your Kitchen

LED Faucet: The illuminated stream of water flows into the basin and lights it and the work area in a very effective manner.

19 May 2006

LedLightRay : Glass LED Light

Modern laser technology that produce minute refractive surfaces inside the body of the glass.

17 May 2006


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Infrared-ray communication between individual and groups.

16 May 2006


BELGRADE NOISE SOCIETY Belgrade based experimental music artists.

15 May 2006

13 May 2006

The World Largest 3D LED Display

The display measures 8 metres in width, 4 metres in height and 2 metres in depth and consists of a matrix of 8.000 LEDs with table tennis balls around them.

Fly through Belgrade with Lilit's Google Earth Photo session

11 May 2006

LedLightRay : LED Light

The LightCap is not only an unbreakable one-liter water bottle, it’s also the coolest solar powered LED light you’ve ever used.

08 May 2006

LedLightRay : Flashlight Tweezers

The illuminated tweezers that will keep your eyebrows under control wherever you are...

06 May 2006

LedLightRay : The Cubatron - LED PingPong 3D Display

The world’s largest true 3D color graphics display consisted of 729 voxels (3D pixels) arranged in a 9×9x9 matrix.

03 May 2006

02 May 2006

LedLightRay : BION - between non-living and living matter

“Bion” is an interactive installation that explores the relationship between humans and artificial life.

30 April 2006

ColumnNetwork: arhitektura

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28 April 2006

ColumnNetwork» Blog Archive » RFID for fitness clubs

Casio has developed RFID'd rubber wristbands for fitness clubs.

LedLightRay : Coldplay’s “Speed of Sound”

Entire Coldplay’s video shoot was done with LED lights from a total of 700 Versa TUBEs...

24 April 2006

LedLightRay : LED/Pad Music Interface

New music interface with LED-backlit pads, a USB interface that transmits OSC and MIDI data to a computer.

23 April 2006

LedLightRay : Desktop Led Lamp: Hollywood Moon Spot

exceptional, impressive objet d’art, a lamp of first-class quality that may well be called a light sculpture...

21 April 2006

LedLightRay : LED Bonsai Tree

Simple tutorial that describe one cool way to make bonsai LED tree using 1152 LED’s and 256 resistors.

19 April 2006

LedLightRay : THE VOS PAD - New Age Lighting in Your Apartment

Decor and mood can be dramatically altered or gently mixed by microprocessor controlled lighting systems

18 April 2006 » Gmaps 101

the first part of a three-part series on the Google Maps API, specifically on version 2.

ColumnNetwork» Blog Archive » Bird house cam

I built a birdhouse recently and installed a webcam inside it.

16 April 2006

LedLightRay : Candela LED lamps

Patented, intelligent circuitry makes Candela LED lamps illuminate automatically when lifted from the charging platter, and start to recharge as soon as they’re put back.

ColumnNetwork» Blog Archive » Modern Playshed by Ryan Smith

The prefab design is thoughtfully constructed to be as much fun to assemble, customize, and decorate as it is for playtime.

15 April 2006

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