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ffmpeg-php is an extension for PHP that adds an easy to use, object-oriented API for accessing and retrieving information from video and audio files. It has methods for returning frames from movie files as images that can be manipulated using PHP's image functions. This works well for automatically creating thumbnail images from movies. ffmpeg-php is also useful for reporting the duration and bitrate of audio files (mp3, wma...). ffmpeg-php can access many of the video formats supported by ffmpeg (mov, avi, mpg, wmv...)

Magento Commerce

open source eCommerce platform ... first beta release by the end of august



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Empowering Web Developers Since 1997

Web application vulnerability scanner / security auditor

Fetching eZ publish content object with PHP

A tutorial that aims to present how to fetch eZ publish content object with PHP and CLI

Main Page - Patterns For PHP

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Patterns for PHP is a repository of Design Patterns implemented specifically for PHP. Tired of seeing Java implementations? Just want to see what Patterns are all about? Then come on in, browse, and if you wish, contribute to the growing number of Design Patterns with PHP centric descriptions and examples.

Olympe Network

Hébergement gratuit et sans publicité PHP/MySQL / 100 Mo

Développement PHP4 et PHP5 sur Ubuntu avec XAMPP - Prendre un Café

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Pour ceux qui comme moi passent constamment de projets PHP4 à PHP5, la gestion des environnements de développement par paquets n'est pas toujours aisée - même si cela reste possible aux prix de manipulations récurrentes et parfois compliquées. XAMPP est un système LAMPP autonome - donc indépendant du système de gestion de paquets - contenant tout ce qu'il faut pour travailler directement dans un environnement de développement


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Articles sur PHP, JavaScript et CSS


Encoder vos adresses email -

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Petite astuce d'Olivier Meunier (Dotclear, Mozilla Europe ...) pour encoder son email afin de le protéger du spam si on veut avoir un lien contact sur son site

Web Application Security Reviews | PHP Everywhere

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After a while, the requirements are pretty similar, but to pass our first audit wasn't easy. Here's a sampling of what is required

phpCodeGenie - Database Driven Applications Code Generator

phpCodeGenie (PCG) is a code generator (MDS) for database driven applications.

OsCommerce - Open Source E-Commerce Solution

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osCommerce is the leading Open Source online shop e-commerce solution that is available for free under the GNU General Public License. It features a rich set of out-of-the-box online shopping cart functionality that allows store owners to setup, run, and maintain their online stores with minimum effort and with no costs, license fees, or limitations involved.