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August 2006

Tinderbox: CSS Templates

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Open Source CSS Templates

July 2006

Yahoo! UI Library: Grid CSS

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Grids CSS Grids CSS is a suite of seven web page templates and the ability to nest grids of one to four columns within the content area of those templates. Together, the combined template and grid system offers these features: * Full A-grade browser support * More than 100 page layouts with a single CSS file at just 1.82KB * Flexible scaling with user font-size adjustments * Min-width enforcement, regardless of font or viewport size (except IE; helper JS under consideration) * Abundant DOM hooks for CSS and scripting flexibility * Source-order independence, allowing you to place your most important body content first in your HTML document * Self-clearing footer (no matter which column is longer, the footer stays at the bottom) * Centering within the viewport by default * Forward-compatibility as standard page structure evolves to claim more screen real estate * Accommodation for IAB Advertising Units

June 2006

The Strange Zen of Javascript

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A weblog about JavaScript quirks, caveats, odd hacks, curiosities and collected wisdom. Focused on practical uses for web application development.

Understanding "Any order columns"

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Comment monter un site web en trois colonne, et changer l'ordre des colonnes en CSS, grâce aux marges négatives

May 2006

March 2006

Slideshow 2.0

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slideshow en dhtml ?

February 2006

January 2006


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Articles sur PHP, JavaScript et CSS

Temesis - Qualité, accessibilité et conformité des sites Internet

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Service de production => maquette vers site "standard" et accessible

December 2005

CSS crib sheet

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Conseil CSS par Dave Shea (CSS Zen Garden)

November 2005


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SimpleBits is a tiny web design studio that creates simple, readable, usable interfaces balanced with a standards-based methodology. Founded by web designer and author, Dan Cederholm.

September 2005

CSS min-height hack

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CSS to make the min-height works in IE