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March 2006

The Truth About Meta Tags and SEO

The meta description and keywords tags are often seen as some of the most basic ways to optimize. But are they so basic as to be obsolete?

January 2006

$5.75 Billion Spent on Search Advertising in 2005

A recent study by the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) has found that advertisers in Canada and the United States spent $5.75 billion on search engine marketing campaigns over the past year.

November 2005

How to Properly Utilize Headings in SEO

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So we all know that the title is the most important single element to optimize on a page, but it’s all to easy to forget the power of headings.

The Truth about Hyphenated Domain Names and SEO

Most people understand the benefits of having keywords in a domain name, but one question that is asked in forums is whether it is necessary to seperate keywords with hyphens.

October 2005

The Advantages of a Keyword-Rich Domain Name

People often seem to ask how important it is to include keywords that they want to rank for in their domain name. The answer is that it’s not essential, but it helps a lot.

Popular Search Engine for Sale on eBay

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The award-winning meta search engine, Jux2, has recently been put up for auction on eBay.

Indian President Sees Google Earth as Security Threat

Abdul Kalam, the president of India, has recently mentioned some concerns he has regarding Google Earth, the free satellite-mapping service provided by the world’s leading search engine.

Google Shows its Charitable Side

As ruthless a competitor as it is in the business world, Google has managed a way to show it’s tender side in the form of a new charity division.

The Power of Blog Links

When building incoming links to your site, it is important to remember that not all links are created equal. And the Google pagerank of the site linking to you is far from the only factor.

AOL Buyout in the Works?

The future of AOL hangs in the balance as Time Warner is reportedly entering talks with several major companies, including Yahoo, Microsoft, and Google.

Is Google Expanding into the Macintosh Market?

For quite a while now, Macintosh users have been wondering when they will get their own versions of Google’s desktop applications, such as Google Earth, Google Talk, and Picasa.

Judging Competition (SEO)

So, you’ve found some words or phrases you want to optimize for, but you don’t know how to judge their level of link building competition… You’ll be happy to hear that there’s a very simple formula for doing just that.

Yahoo to Include Blogs in News Search

Yahoo has announced that it will soon be including blogs and other grassroots publications in their popular news search service.

Yahoo Launches Podcasting Search Service

In an attempt to keep up with current market trends, Yahoo has launched a suite of tools to search for, arrange, and rate the many digital audio “podcasts” that have recently flooded the web.

Google Combines Maps and Local

Google has taken its popular Maps service out of beta, and integrated it with Google Local.

Google and Sun Microsystems Form Software Distribution Partnership

An agreement has been made between Google and the technology firm, Sun Microsystems, which involves the two companies entering into a cross-promotional partnership.

New Online Library Service Planned By Yahoo

Search engine giant, Yahoo has teamed up with a variety of archives in North America and the UK to begin work on a huge online library.

Yahoo Acquires

Yahoo has just completed a deal to purchase, a social bookmarking site that allows members to post the time and place of local events.

The Power of Being First

When choosing primary keyphrases, it may be tempting to optimize for something really competitive, in hopes of getting a position on the second or third page.

42% of Searchers Click the First Result

A recent study examining the behavior of search engine users, and led by Professor Thorsten Joachims of Cornell University, has uncovered some interesting findings.

September 2005

Google to End Size War with Yahoo

Google has recently announced that they will no longer be publicizing the total number of pages indexed in their database.

Microsoft Launches MSN AdCenter in France

Microsoft Corp has just launched MSN AdCenter, its much-anticipated paid search service, in France, after a six-month pilot program.

Google Introduces "Remove Result" Feature

Google has added a new feature to their personalized search service, allowing users to remove certain results that they don’t want to see. There will also be a tool to report useless and spammy websites.

MIVA Introduces New Algorithmic Web Search

MIVA has partnered with FAST Search to offer an algorithmic internet search function to its distribution partners in the UK.

Intellext Launches MSN Toolbar Add-On

Intellext Inc. has expanded the capabilities of Microsoft’s MSN Toolbar, by adding a proactive research tool, and delivering information directly from the web to a user’s desktop.

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