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27 April 2005

Main Page - Wikibooks

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Welcome to Wikibooks, a collection of open-content textbooks that anyone can edit

26 April 2005

pMachine | Indiv. entry--display parent category name only

I have a single entry page. Within that page, I want to display the name of the category that the single entry post is associated with. I have this in the {exp:weblog:entries} tag: <h1>{categories}{category_name}{/categories}</h2> Works just peachy...unless the entry is auto-assigned to both parent and sub category. I only want to display the parent category name. How would I do this?

Alphabetical Navigation - ExpressionEngine Wiki

Creating an alphabetical navigation links based on the entries' titles

25 April 2005

22 April 2005

getID3() - The PHP media file parser

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getID3() is a PHP4 script that extracts useful information from MP3s & other multimedia file formats

21 April 2005

LaTeX Style Tips

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LaTeX Style Tips Information on this page is arranged alphabetically. Most of the points covered are to do particularly with aspects of style as they relate to the use of LaTeX, but some more general stylistic points are covered too. Some of the things listed here border on the subjective, but buy me a beer and I will attempt to give you a convincing argument as to why they are, nonetheless, The Right Way To Do Things.

How to make a Coin Ring

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How to make a Coin Ring......

20 April 2005

18 April 2005 Rolling with Ruby on Rails, Part 2

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In Rolling with Ruby on Rails, I barely scratched the surface of what you can do with Ruby on Rails. I didn't talk about data validation or database transactions, and I did not mention callbacks, unit testing, or caching. There was hardly a mention of the many helpers that Rails includes to make your life easier. I can't really do justice to all of these topics in the space of this article, but I will go into details on some of them and present a brief overview of the rest, with links to more detailed information. Rolling with Ruby on Rails

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Maybe you've heard about Ruby on Rails, the super productive new way to develop web applications, and you'd like to give it a try, but you don't know anything about Ruby or Rails. This article steps through the development of a web application using Rails. It won't teach you how to program in Ruby, but if you already know another object-oriented programming language, you should have no problem following along (and at the end you can find links on learning Ruby).

Exploring Ruby on Rails | Linux Journal

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A discussion about the Rails framework, how to build with it and the benefits of Ruby.

Rails Cookbook | Hieraki

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Howto make a (small) publication management app This howto will show you how to build a RoR app a bit advanced using belongs_to, has_many and has_and_belongs_to_many and authenticate authors. This howto uses things learned in the TodoList howto, in the api doc, and in the irc channel.

KDE Developer's Corner - Ruby bindings

Korundum and QtRuby provide bindings to the KDE and Qt frameworks from within Ruby programs.

13 April 2005


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Drawn! is a collaborative weblog for illustrators, artists, cartoonists, and anyone who likes to draw. Visit us daily for a dose of links and creative inspiration.

Writing, Briefly

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Writing, Briefly (Informal surveys of referring urls suggested demand for essays that were short and didn't mention Lisp.)

12 April 2005

Nerd Vittles » HOW-TO Extravaganza: Spring Break Projects for You & Your Mac mini

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Well, it’s that time of the year again. The Nerd Vittles staff will be taking a breather for a bit to recharge our batteries. But, in the finest college tradition, we’re leaving you lots of homework. Here’s a listing of what we’ve built thus far in our Mac mini ISP-In-A-Box project. So, while we’re taking it easy, pick out a few projects you haven’t tried and knock yourself out.

11 April 2005

Googie | Gadgetopia

Googie is one of those things you've seen a million times, but you just didn't know it had a name. It's a Jetsons-ish space-age type design that looks hopelessly quaint these days. In "The Incredibles," you see it reflected in the design of things on Syndrome's island.

06 April 2005

Papal election - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A Papal election is the method by which the Roman Catholic Church fills the office of Bishop of Rome, whose incumbent is usually referred to as the Pope.

05 April 2005

Optimization vs. Pessimization - your stakes, please! || Retrobox.Ru

Optimization is a medal with a reverse. When you make excessive use of optimization, you can meet a strange effect unofficially called 'pessimization'. Pessimization means that pages overusing SEO are artificially underestimated in search results pages. T

30 March 2005

Drag-and-drop Sortable Lists with JavaScript and CSS

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I found Simon Cozen's Javascript drag-and-drop ordered lists so compelling I spent my entire weekend playing with it. The result is the examples below. Both Simon's code and Youngpup's DOM-Drag which it was built on have been modified.

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