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07 February 2007

Teen bedding

Believe it or not, even Walmart has a pretty nice selection of teen bedding to choose from. My friend's daughter just turned 14 last month and they bought her a teen bedding set from Walmart called the "Multi stripe bed in a bag"

04 February 2007


A rug is an important finishing touch when decorating. The right rug can add character to any room. With one of beautiful rugs, you can add new life to your room! The decorators recommend a new rug as a convenient, affordable way to spruce up a room without going out and spending thousands of dollars on new furniture.

02 February 2007

Apple Iphone

The latest craze is the Apple Iphone. Everyone wants to know what an iphone looks like and when they will be released. Well I believe I at least know what one of the Apple Iphone models looks like. Storage: 4GB or 8GB Screen size: 3.5 inches

28 January 2007

Illegal income tax and our crooked government

Our country just doesn't authorize the death of Americans, the CIA and NSA allows it and sets the whole thing up so it looks like we were attacked and now we need to defend ourselves. How did 9/11 give us the right to invade Iraq? Where are those weapons of mass destruction? Why did we supply Iraq weapons to use against other countries?

27 January 2007

Robot doctors kill- not cure

What is it coming to when we are not safe in the hands of the proxy miracle workers i.e. doctors and nurses? Fear today of an act of terrorism or being involved in some misfortunate event, like victim to a vicious assault or god forbid a car accident does not end here, it is prolonged furthermore after admitted into hospital.

14 January 2007

Eating disorders

There are several types of eating disorders. The most common are: Anorexia Nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder, Bulimia Nervosa, and disordered eating. It is important to understand that all of these eating disorders are all very curable. The defenition of curable as we all know is, “capable” of being cured or healed. I put the word capable in quotes to emphysize that YOU are the one who must be “capable”. It is YOU who has the power to cure your eating disorder...

Coffee and caffeine addiction

With more and more people in offices now a days, coffee inside these offices has become, sadly, almost mandatory. A cup of coffee seems to stimulate your senses, but did you know that the regular in-take of caffeine can leave you wired and a complete wreck. Why? It’s because coffee (with caffeine) will stimulate the central nervous system of your body and will increase the stress hormones in your blood.

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