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15 October 2006

12 October 2006

01 October 2006

CBC Radio | Quirks & Quarks | Quirks and Quarks Podcast

Quirks & Quarks covers the quirks of the expanding universe to the quarks within a single atom… and everything in between. The Quirks & Quarks podcast is updated Saturdays.

29 September 2006

Ext2 IFS For Windows

by 6 others
drivere that provides full access to linux ext3 partitions from windows

28 September 2006

Ubuntu Linux Resources

by 3 others
a good ubuntu guide - simple yet comprehensive

Ubuntu dapper guide

by 7 others
nice howto guide for getting started in ubuntu

25 September 2006 the musik project

by 10 others
music player with sqlite db for the music library

23 September 2006

16 September 2006

15 September 2006

ChangeResolution - Ubuntu Document Storage Facility

If you can't change your display resolution or refresh rate (no desired option available) these instructions may help.

11 September 2006

BBC - Radio 4 - The Material World 07/09/2006

good science radio show (needs realplayer) " reports on developments across the sciences "

31 August 2006

30 August 2006

KOL and MCKPage

KOL - Key Objects Library is a set of objects to develop power (but small) 32 bit Windows GUI applications using Delphi but without VCL. It is distributed free of charge, with source code.

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