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The Lecturer that always second guesses himself

The internet is indeed a very powerful tool, and like any tool, its can be helpful or dangerous, depending on the person that wields it. Information given gratuitously may seem like a good thing, but always remember, you get what you pay for.

CONCACAF CHAMPIONS LEAGUE : Houston Dynamo vs. Firpo (SLV)

CONCACAF CHAMPIONS LEAGUE : Houston Dynamo vs. Firpo (SLV)

Mini Van Celebrates 25th Anniversary - 1984 Plymouth Voyager

Mini Van Celebrates 25th Anniversary - 1984 Plymouth Voyager

Kissinger says Hillary Clinton Would Be Outstanding Diplomat

Former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has told an Indian audience that Senator Hillary Clinton would make "an outstanding appointment" as America's top diplomat.

Funny Bear Commercial

Ever seen a man fight a bear unarmed and win? Check out this commercial

Its great to be Blonde

Blonde leaves everyone in stitches


The right boat for The Right Application

Are you buying a boat? You can find important information here.

How do You View the World?

Always develop and keep the right mindset

Boat News: Getting the Right Anchor

The different types of anchor in boating can be found here

Mountain Biking Today: The Correct Brake Type to Use

Choosing the correct type of braking system can be important.In this article, the pros and cons of the rim and disc type brake are discussed

Health and Nutrition Issues: Vegetarians Need To Eat Healthy Too

Even though vegetarians generally eat healthier, there are some concerns due to a lack of meat in their diet.

Chairs for the Workplace: Mesh Back Office Chairs

Here are some of the advantages of using mesh back chairs to complement your in office interior design