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21 March 2006


The famous tv channel in TW

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28 February 2006


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我們將「聽力」的訓練放在第一階段當成首部曲。藉由生活化聽力素材 的刺激與引導,有效的引發每個人的語言學習「本能」,也就是依母語的學習習慣與 順序,來認識與熟悉英語的應用。

Improve Listening Skills - English listening skils

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Listening comprehension is probably the most difficult task (noun=exercise, job) for almost all learners of English as a foreign language

English Listening: How to Hear English Everywhere (

That is why hearing (and listening to) English as much as possible is so important to you now.

Welcome to iRows - iRows

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web based online spreadsheets

27 February 2006

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21 February 2006

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