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03 March 2006

28 February 2006

Google Brin Creator

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Create your own Google Brin....and publish him for the world to see!

Flickr: Photos tagged with furiousfirefoxtabs

How many open tags can Firefox/Computer/HumanBeing take before going crazy or kaput? Check it out!

26 February 2006

25 February 2006

24 February 2006

Company News |

Gervais cashes in on podcast fame with Audible deal

23 February 2006

Google Page Creator

by 31 others
Create webpages with Google's Webpage Creator. AJAX abundance.

22 February 2006 - Live presentations on the web!

by 50 others
With, you can make presentations - like slideshows, or outlines - right in your web browser.

Category | Easy on the Adverbs, Exclamation Points and Especially Hooptedoodle

by 2 others
Elmore Leonard's advice on how to stay "invisible" as a writer.

Web20Generator: XHTML CSS Design Generator

by 5 others
Generate your own web 2.0 compliant website.

21 February 2006

23 RSS Steps

23 real simple steps to making your Internet life much better

by 12 others
Catalog your media collections. Games, music, books, etc. in Alpha.

20 February 2006

Listible! Quick way to get resources

by 85 others
Listible is a new way to get relevant resources quickly.

19 February 2006

Free Anonymous Proxy, Bypass school firewalls, surf the internet anonymously!

by 5 others offers a free anonymous proxy. This anonymous proxy can be used to bypass school firewalls, work firewalls, to add privacy to your online browsing and more.

A photoshop contest, with the mission of turning round things into square things. Fantastic!

18 February 2006

15 February 2006

PingMag - The Tokyo-based magazine about

Great article showcasing Japanese cigarette designs!

13 February 2006 - platypus: index

by 22 others, 1 comment
Design every website the way you want it.

by 13 others
Another phantasy stock market for websites.

12 February 2006

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