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Troubleshooting the Windows Subsystem for Linux | Microsoft Docs

If after connecting to a VPN on Windows, bash loses network connectivity, try this workaround from within bash. This workaround will allow you to manually override the DNS resolution through /etc/resolv.conf. Take a note of the DNS server of the VPN from doing ipconfig.exe /all Make a copy of the existing resolv.conf sudo cp /etc/resolv.conf /etc/ Unlink the current resolv.conf sudo unlink /etc/resolv.conf sudo mv /etc/ /etc/resolv.conf Open /etc/resolv.conf and a. Delete the first line from the file, which says "# This file was automatically generated by WSL. To stop automatic generation of this file, remove this line.". b. Add the DNS entry from (1) above as the very first entry in the list of DNS servers. c. Close the file. Once you have disconnected the VPN, you will have to revert the changes to /etc/resolv.conf. To do this, do: cd /etc sudo mv resolv.conf sudo ln -s ../run/resolvconf/resolv.conf resolv.conf





Vistalizator - change display language in Windows Vista and Windows 7

Tool that allows to change Windows language even if you don't have an Ultimate edition

Download free full version of FILEminimizer Pictures

FILEminimizer Pictures compresses images to high rates.

Linux Live USB Creator : Puissant créateur de clé USB Linux

by 6 others
LiLi USB Creator est un logiciel gratuit et open-source pour Windows qui permet de créer une clé USB avec Linux dessus. LiLi offre aussi une option exclusive de virtualisation afin de pouvoir lancer Linux directement dans Windows, le tout sans installation de logiciel additionnel et sans configuration.

Z-Cron Automates Windows Tasks - Automation - Lifehacker

Windows only: Freeware utility Z-Cron replaces the Windows task scheduler with a more robust, cron-like alternative (but with a graphical interface). Z-Cron ships with a long set of useful actions you can automate, like sending an email, copying a folder, deleting files, emptying the trash, and way more, which makes writing batch files to do these things for you effectively obsolete. Z-Cron is a free download for Windows only.


AquaSnap greatly enhances the way you can arrange windows on your Desktop. It gives you the possibility to snap windows to the edges or to the corners of the desktop simply by dragging and dropping them where you want.

Speed Up Windows 7 Taskbar Navigation with a Registry Hack - Windows Tip - Lifehacker

Windows 7's taskbar is undoubtedly a great addition to Windows, but if you've got more than one application window open, you've got to either click twice or patiently hover to navigate to an open window. Reader Richard details how he fixed this.

Your Passwords Aren't As Secure As You Think; Here's How to Fix That - Passwords - Lifehacker

If you allow applications to save your passwords, anyone with physical access to your PC can decode them unless you're properly encrypting them—and chances are pretty good you're not. Let's walk through the right and wrong ways to store your passwords.

Alléger Windows.... - Windows & logiciels

Quelques recommendations, certaines encore valables pour Windows 7 pour optimiser Windows.


Use a Single Data Store When Dual Booting - Dual Boot - Lifehacker

Dual booting Windows and Linux doesn't mean you have to maintain two separate sets of applications, preferences, and documents. With cross-platform, open-source applications like Firefox, Thunderbird and Pidgin, you can use the same apps with the same configuration automatically no matter what OS you've booted.

Logiciels retouche photo - L'Internaute

13 logiciels pour retoucher ses photos sous Windows


widefox wiki. Kernel Comparison for ...

Comparison between linux and windows kernel.

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