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Pipe: Infix syntax for Python | {Dev Tricks}

ipe is a Python module enabling infix syntax in Python.


Introduction to Surlex |

Surlex (Simple URL Expression) is a language for matching and extracting text, similar to regex (regular expression). It works by generating a regular expression from a more concise syntax that is designed to produce easy-to-read url patterns.


A fork of markdown, the syntax and tool to convert plain text to XHTML. Multimarkdown adds syntax and possibility to convert to other formats.

Pandoc - About pandoc

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Pandoc is a program for converting between various markup formats. Input formats include markdown, reStructuredText, HTML, and LaTeX; output formats include HTML, LaTeX, ConTeXt, S5, DocBook, groff man, reStructuredText, markdown, and RTF. Many extensions to standard markdown syntax are provided, including inline LaTeX math, tables, definition lists, superscripts and subscripts, smart quotes and dashes, and footnotes.

xCSS - Documentation - Syntax - Extending objects

First CSS framework that allows you to work object-oriented and keeps your workflow as DRY as possible.


PHP Markdown Extra

PHP Markdown Extra is a special version of PHP Markdown implementing some features currently not available with the plain Markdown syntax.

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