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Je suis content d'utiliser CertPatrol - - Les trucs qui m'énervent -

Explication d'un problème de sécurité : un CA racine peut distribuer des certificats intermédiaires permettant aux organisations de substituer les certificats et déchiffrer le traffic HTTPS. La solution pour le détecter : utiliser des extensions comme CertPatrol.

Home -

A site full of resources about security in Python programming, for the language and for the frameworks/template engines.

SQLFury SQL Injection scanner tool for Abobe AIR runtime. Is your site free from SQL Injection?

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An SQL injection scanner, using blind SQL injection techniques to extract information from a target database.

Internet Survival Guide for Traveling Where Privacy Isn't Respected - Google - Lifehacker

Two things have really changed the face of independent backpacker travel in the last decade: digital cameras and—even more so—the internet. While some people can afford the luxury of traveling with a laptop or even a netbook, a real backpacker doesn't want to have to carry the extra weight nor the responsibility of carrying expensive equipment that would be difficult to lug around, relatively easy to steal, and expensive to replace.

Your Passwords Aren't As Secure As You Think; Here's How to Fix That - Passwords - Lifehacker

If you allow applications to save your passwords, anyone with physical access to your PC can decode them unless you're properly encrypting them—and chances are pretty good you're not. Let's walk through the right and wrong ways to store your passwords.


Comment faire un bon ménage de printemps sur son disque dur sous Linux

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Comment supprimer de manière efficace des fichiers grâce aux outils Shred et du paquet secure-delete sous Linux.


The Usability of Passwords -

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Security companies and IT people constantly tells us that we should use complex and difficult passwords. This is bad advice, because you can actually make usable, easy to remember and highly secure passwords. In fact, usable passwords are often far better than complex ones. So let's dive into the world of passwords, and look at what makes a password secure in practical terms.

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