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Troubleshooting the Windows Subsystem for Linux | Microsoft Docs

If after connecting to a VPN on Windows, bash loses network connectivity, try this workaround from within bash. This workaround will allow you to manually override the DNS resolution through /etc/resolv.conf. Take a note of the DNS server of the VPN from doing ipconfig.exe /all Make a copy of the existing resolv.conf sudo cp /etc/resolv.conf /etc/ Unlink the current resolv.conf sudo unlink /etc/resolv.conf sudo mv /etc/ /etc/resolv.conf Open /etc/resolv.conf and a. Delete the first line from the file, which says "# This file was automatically generated by WSL. To stop automatic generation of this file, remove this line.". b. Add the DNS entry from (1) above as the very first entry in the list of DNS servers. c. Close the file. Once you have disconnected the VPN, you will have to revert the changes to /etc/resolv.conf. To do this, do: cd /etc sudo mv resolv.conf sudo ln -s ../run/resolvconf/resolv.conf resolv.conf



Turnkey Linux – Tout pour tester les incontournables de l’open source

Iso bootables avec des applications pré-installées, idéal pour tester sans se prendre la tête.


Linux Live USB Creator : Puissant créateur de clé USB Linux

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LiLi USB Creator est un logiciel gratuit et open-source pour Windows qui permet de créer une clé USB avec Linux dessus. LiLi offre aussi une option exclusive de virtualisation afin de pouvoir lancer Linux directement dans Windows, le tout sans installation de logiciel additionnel et sans configuration.

Undelete! | Atomic Object, Software Design & Development

How to undelete a file deleted using rm : search for a string that was in the file and recover line before and after using grep : grep -a -B 25 -A 100 'some string in the file' /dev/sda1 > results.txt

Linux Manua: Top logiciels à installer sur Linux Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx

Quelques paquets indispensables (ou presque) à installer après installation d'Ubuntu 10.04.

Fedora 9 Puts Your Desktop on a USB Drive - Feature - Lifehacker

How to fix the boot problem when having a linux distrib on a thumb drive


How to convert raw cr2 pictures with linux, and merge pictures by date and Exif data with jhead

"I recently went to an event with a coworker who took pictures with an SLR Canon Camera that took cr2 raw pictures. My goal was to convert them to jpeg, and integrate them with my own pictures (merging/interleaving them by date using the picture data inside cr2 and Exif for my jpegs)"

Use a Single Data Store When Dual Booting - Dual Boot - Lifehacker

Dual booting Windows and Linux doesn't mean you have to maintain two separate sets of applications, preferences, and documents. With cross-platform, open-source applications like Firefox, Thunderbird and Pidgin, you can use the same apps with the same configuration automatically no matter what OS you've booted.

The Silent Number: Top things to do after installing Ubuntu Linux 9.10 Karmic Koala

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A list of tips to improve the basic behavior of Ubuntu Karmic Koala

Using Graphics Card Memory as Swap - Gentoo Linux Wiki

Graphic cards contain a lot of very fast RAM, typically between 64 and 512 MB. With Linux, it's possible to use it as swap space, or even as RAM disk.

Comment faire un bon ménage de printemps sur son disque dur sous Linux

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Comment supprimer de manière efficace des fichiers grâce aux outils Shred et du paquet secure-delete sous Linux.


Artisan Numérique » Nautilus d'un peu plus prés

Un topo sur les fonctionnalités de Nautilus

Debian Testing : comment l'utiliser efficacement ?, par Shankarius - Linux On The Root !

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La branche « Testing » de Debian représente la future version « Stable » en développement. C’est pour beaucoup un excellent choix : les logiciels y sont récents et elle est généralement très stable. Cependant, du fait qu’elle soit en développement, elle nécessite une certaine attention et certaines connaissances pour être appréciée et utilisée sereinement.

widefox wiki. Kernel Comparison for ...

Comparison between linux and windows kernel.


Ubuntu Start Guide

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Tips and tricks for Ubuntu

Linux command line tips

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This is a list of linux commands for common operations.

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