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Tab Candy: Making Firefox Tabs Sweet « Aza on Design

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Future Firefox huge feature to organize tabs in groups, share tabs, focus on a specific group. All done in HTML5, CSS and JS.

Xoopit Transforms Your Gmail Inbox into a Multimedia Haven - Digital Videos - Lifehacker

Windows/Mac/Linux: Firefox extension Xoopit turns Gmail into a robust, searchable media management tool for every piece of media that comes through your inbox. By indexing every attachment as well as every link to photos and videos from sites like Flickr, Picasa, and YouTube, Xoopit allows you to easily search for and find any picture or video and view it from directly inside Gmail.

Etacts - Gmail Browser Extensions

Etacts Adds Contact Info, Social Networking, and Handy Statistics to Your Gmail Sidebar

Some People Can’t Read URLs « Not The User’s Fault

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Reactions seem divided into two camps. One camp is having a great laugh at the stupidity of the users – after all, how could they look at a page with a red masthead, titled “ReadWriteWeb”, featuring a news article, and think they were on the Facebook login page? How could they be smart enough to figure out how to leave a comment, but too dumb to know what site they were on? The other camp, for example an article from blogger Funkatron called We’re the stupid ones is pointing the finger at the software world for assuming that everyone knows as much about computers as we do, and more specifically at Google – after all, isn’t this in some way Google’s screw-up for returning the wrong result?

Master Multiple Firefox Profiles for More Productive Browsing - Productivity - Lifehacker

One of the most powerful features in Firefox is also one too few people know about: the ability to create and use more than one profile at the same time. Here's how to streamline and reap the benefits of multiple browsing profiles.

gleeBox: Keyboard glee for your web

leeBox is an experimental project that takes a keyboard-centric approach to navigating the web. It provides alternatives to actions that are traditionally performed via the mouse. Some of these are radically more efficient than using a mouse, some not so much. In all cases, they are mostly meant for keyboard and command line lovers.


Most Popular Firefox Extensions and Themes of 2009 - Firefox Extensions - Lifehacker

This year's release of Firefox 3.5 gave us a lot of reasons to like it, but its extensibility remains everyone's favorite feature. These add-ons and theme tools were the most popular in the year gone by.

@font-face: The Potential of Web Typography

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How can @font-face be used with currently implemented CSS selectors to create engaging, nuanced and more mature typography? Let's find out.

Ecrire sa première commande Ubiquity

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Ubiquity est ce projet des laboratoire Mozilla pour essayer de renouveler l'interface en proposant aux internautes d'effectuer des actions en tapant des commandes dans un langage relativement naturel. Créer de nouvelles commandes est très simple, à la portée de n'importe qui ayant quelques notions de JavaScript.

Make Ubiquity Your Ultimate Firefox Commander

One of the niftiest Firefox add-ons to come out of Mozilla Labs is Ubiquity, a natural language commander that adds killer functionality on-page in Firefox. Let's take a closer look.

The Ultimate List of Custom Ubiquity Verbs

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With all the news about Chrome, it's been pretty easy to forget about one of Firefox's recent releases: Ubiquity. We gave Ubiquity a rave review for giving Firefox a whole new UI. The standard commands, or "verbs", that come with Ubiquity are great. Yet we couldn't help but want more. Developers have been working around the clock to produce some fantastic custom verbs for Ubiquity. Here is ReadWriteWeb's list of the top picks of custom Ubiquity verbs!


Debug PHP facile avec Firefox, Firebug et FirePHP - Prendre un Café

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Une extension Firefox pour débugger facilement du php.

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