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Gondor — effortless production Django hosting

Gondor is the production infrastructure that we at Eldarion have built for our own sites and those of our clients. We're making it available to other Django developers like you so you can focus on your site, not your infrastructure.

Djangy - Instant deployment and scaling for your Django applications

Deploy and scale Django apps instantly. Never configure apache. Forget about the headaches of virtual hosting. Only pay for what you use. Push your code to Djangy and we'll do the rest!

Easy Python hosting -

This is, the hosted WSGI hosting and deployment solution. We take your Django, Flask, Pylons or other WSGI code, run all the annoying hosting parts for you, and make sure everything's redundant and backed up.


déployer une application symfony sur un mutualisé OVH avec fabric

Script fabric pour déployer une application Symfony avec Python.

Using fabric to deploy symfony application - Thomas Rabaix

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Fabric is a python command-line tool to deploy projects over one or several servers. The article details how to simplify and automates the deployment of a symfony project using Fabric.

Deploying a symfony project into production using capistrano | Jamie Hall

Deploy a symfony project simply by using capistrano (ruby tool for deployment).

Launchlist - Your one stop website checklist!

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All you have to check before putting your site in production.

Tâches de déploiement spécifiques avec Symfony - Akei, the blog

Faire sa propre tâche de déploiement avec Symfony : rajouter des actions à effectuer lors du déploiement rsync.

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