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13 November 2009 16:00

How to convert raw cr2 pictures with linux, and merge pictures by date and Exif data with jhead

"I recently went to an event with a coworker who took pictures with an SLR Canon Camera that took cr2 raw pictures. My goal was to convert them to jpeg, and integrate them with my own pictures (merging/interleaving them by date using the picture data inside cr2 and Exif for my jpegs)"

12 November 2009 20:00

Use a Single Data Store When Dual Booting - Dual Boot - Lifehacker

Dual booting Windows and Linux doesn't mean you have to maintain two separate sets of applications, preferences, and documents. With cross-platform, open-source applications like Firefox, Thunderbird and Pidgin, you can use the same apps with the same configuration automatically no matter what OS you've booted.

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