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Why You Should Never Use MongoDB | Hacker News

Good comments about RDBMS vs NoSQL solutions.



Redis, from the Ground Up ← Michael J. Russo |

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"A deep dive into Redis' origins, design decisions, feature set, and a look at a few potential applications."

Heroku | NoSQL, Heroku, and You

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Introduction to the NoSQL world.

Heroku Encourages Polyglot Persistence « myNoSQL

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Examples of use cases for the different NoSQL databases.

MongoDB Aggregation I: Counting and Grouping | Kyle Banker

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Serie of 3 posts on MongoDB aggregation. The group() function is awesomely powerful.

Announcing « gnegg

Posts describing the development of, a web service for forwarding email to a temporary alias build with node.js and redis.

PHP & MongoDB Sitting in a Tree: Part 1 | Inside DealTaker

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"Yet another MongoDB and PHP tutorial, say it ain’t so! Well yes, but this tutorial aims to be more complete than the others out there."

TwitterAlikeExample - redis - Project Hosting on Google Code

A simple real app exemple coded in PHP with redis as a database.

MongoDB Schema Design

Design a DB schema with the non-rel DB MongoDB.

MongoKit Documentation — MongoKit v0.5 documentation

The documentation of MongoKit, "a python module that brings structured schema and validation layer on top of the great pymongo driver. It has be written to be simpler and lighter as possible with the KISS and DRY principles in mind."

A fast, fuzzy, full-text index using Redis |

(via) is entirely based on a data-structure server called Redis. Redis is one of several new key-value databases which break away from traditional relational data architecture. It is simple, flexible, and blazingly fast. So why not use the tools we have already?

The Redis Cookbook

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A collection of Redis how-to's, built by the Redis community.

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