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WSL2 File System Goes Into Read Only Mode Without Warning · Issue #8340 · microsoft/WSL

Shutdown WSL In powershell as administrator, run: Write-Output ".PhysicalDrive$((Mount-VHD -Path ./ext4.vhdx -PassThru | Get-Disk).Number)" Then attach without mounting in another WSL distro, e.g.: wsl -d Ubuntu-22.04 --mount .PhysicalDrive1 --bare Launch this distro: wsl -d Ubuntu-22.04 Find the block device using command `lsblk` (e.g. /dev/sdb) Run e2fsck: `sudo e2fsck -f /dev/sdb` Detach the file from WSL: `wsl --unmount .PhysicalDrive1` Detach the VHD file from Windows: `Dismount-VHD -Path ./ext4.vhdx` or from Disk Management GUI If at any point, there are some errors, try stopping Hyper-V service from Hyper-V Manager GUI, then launching Hyper-V Management Service from Windows Services GUI.

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Epinio installs into any Kubernetes cluster to bring your application from source code to deployment and allow for Developers and Operators to work better together!

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tsconfig-paths doesn't work with node (works with ts-node) · Issue #61 · dividab/tsconfig-paths

running transpiled JS in node still requires to reference a tsconfig for paths translation

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