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June 2009

April 2008

ChangeDisplaySettings @ MSDN

Use with EnumDisplaySettings to change screen resolution.

February 2008

Install eeeXubuntu Linux on ASUS eeePC

Install eeeXubuntu Linux on ASUS eeePC

如何將 eeeXubuntu 裝在 EeePC 外接 SDHC卡 (USB隨身碟) 上?

How to install eeeXubuntu on SDHC (USB disk) ? (Trasditional Chinese)

January 2008

December 2007

November 2007

October 2007

Programming IRC bots in Perl

how to write irc program in perl using Net::IRC

Parallel Programmer

Interview of author of "Intel Threading Building Blocks, Outfitting C++ for Multi-Core Processor Parallelism," from O'Reilly Media (July 2007)

September 2007

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