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October 2005

Ash Tree

writer, henry baum's blog

National Geographic Magazine - WildCam AFRICA

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a webcam set up next to a watering hole in africa. one viewer spotted an elephant. very cool.

September 2005

beau sia - blog

beau sia is an incredible street poet i've seen on hbo's def poetry, and an inspiration and guiding light for any asian writer/entertainer.

August 2005

screenwriter, john august's blog

explodingdog 2005

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one of my favourite artists, sam brown

July 2005

Axel Raben Gallery: Ashkan Sahihi

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the portfolio of ashkan sahihi


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screenshots of your website in different browsers

Get Smoothed.

sex blogging from a man

Sugar Sweets

stories from a good girl with a naughty mind

the LA times arts and entertainment section

the other

she moved again. in stereoscopic vision

linked from the rice bowl journals

the truth laid bear

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the truth laid bear blogosphere ecosystem

Burning Salad

"The thing is, I actually think that smokers are evolutionary pioneers. It's a simple equation: given enough time, smokers keep on smoking, cancer weeds out the bad genes and humanity is left with smoke-proof lungs. Ergo, smokers are the only ones actually taking a truly proactive stance on the whole health issue." LOL awesome.

The Maelstrom

"Meanwhile, President Bush has nominated the whitest man in America for the Supreme Court. If I were an anti-abortion timber company executive, or a brainwashed automaton, I would consider John Roberts (whose name sounds like it should belong to a protagonist in a bad Bruce Willis action movie), a fine nominee. But instead, I'm an abortion-loving athiest with Jew blood. George Carlin is the only nominee who would really satisfy me. Those odds are long."


"I was always falling in love. Constantly. My first and dearest addiction. It was a long ride back home from the city on the bus in 1985 so I had plenty of time. I still recall the slender, delicate necks the fingers on the rubber seal of the bus window. My stop was the second to last and by then of course the bus was empty of fantasies."

how to be human

i read a couple of sad and lovely posts and just liked it.


an asian ts rants, raves and rages

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