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April 2006

Welcome to Free Book Zone - Engineering, Technical, Medical, Maths, Physics eBooks

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FreeBookZone lists free computer science, engineering books, programming manuals, lecture notes and coursewares, all of which are freely available over the internet.

Windows Live Academic Home Page

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Windows Live Academic is now in beta. We currently index content related to computer science, physics, electrical engineering, and related subject areas. Academic search enables you to search for peer reviewed journal articles contained in journal publ

EEVL : the internet guide to engineering, mathematics and computing

EEVL : the internet guide to engineering, mathematics and computing

March 2006

February 2006

The OSSwin project: Open Source for Windows!

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List of programs available for Windows under GNU GPL. List of cryptic names minus description means that you spend hours clicking to find out what they all do.

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rootkits detection

Free Press : media reform through outreach, activism, lobbying and networking

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Free Press is a non-profit organization working to involve the public in media policymaking and to craft policies for a more democratic media system.

Proxy 4 Free - Free Public Proxy Servers: Home

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Proxy 4 free - Free Public Proxy Servers: Home

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