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August 2008

Code Generation - Software Reality

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To implement a system, the programmer must face the chore of creating an endlessly repetitive number of session and entity beans. When that project is finished, the programmer must start all over again on the next venture.

May 2008

Auto Total Loss Part 2

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Use the comps that help your case and dispute the ones that make the value low. If the comp is found more than 30 miles away from where you live, you must object and tell the adjuster that the comps must be within 30 miles or less (you could allow up to 5

March 2008

April 2007

Clever Facade makes JDBC look easy - Java World

Reliable and Affordable Web Hosting ServicesIdeal webmaster solutions for small to large sites from Lunarpages. Save $26 with Coupon Code: 26off

Newsvine - technology

China is tightening controls on its booming online game industry, requiring distributors to closely monitor game contents after some were found that included forbidden religious or political material, a state news agency said Tuesday. Complete Story

Stopdesign | Secure wireless email on Mac OS X

For those of you who use Gmail, going to (instead of just or will leave you using SSL the entire session.

March 2007

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[&] On a post I made a few days back I proposed a way to do cross domain AJaX using XML rather than the commonly used JSON. It is essentially an extension of the idea of JSONP (JSON with Padding). Since I generally find myself working with XML more

todd levinson itec745 home>Section 508

Section 508 is part of the Americans With Disabilities Act. It requires Federal agencies to make their electronic and information technology accessible to people with disabilities.

Custom User Blocks and User Tables PHP Snippets |

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------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (13) An IF-THEN version of script for approved user roles. List Users from a "ALL Roles" and includes multiple personal profile data. Outputs a User Table similar to example (1

GPS Visualizer map input form

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GPS Visualizer has a number of different map input forms that will import your data for various purposes. Use the one that best suits your needs.

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February 2007

Research support hypothesis about abrupt climate change

Both hemispheres warming and cooling at the same time would imply global changes caused by rising levels of greenhouse gases. But one hemisphere cooling while the other warmed would suggest simple heat transfer, accomplished

Plenty of Room at the Bottom? Personal Digital Libraries and Collections

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The growing abundance of personal data and collection outlined in this article will present numerous challenges to individuals, including: how to physically secure such material sometimes over decades; how to protect privacy; how to organize and extract i

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