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October 2006

Integrating Google Gadgets Into WordPress Themes « Lorelle on WordPress

Incorporate a wide variety of Google Gadgets into your full version WordPress Theme.

Helium -- Get Knowledge

Reading, writing and rating . . . and even more -- reward.


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Free eBay search -- spot online auction fraud and misspelled auctions.

Rapleaf -- Portable Ratings for Buyers and Sellers

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Nurture your good reputation as a trusted merchant with a Rapleaf profile.

vFlyer - Beta Home

Create professional-looking classified ads using vFlyer and automatically have them submitted to some of the top classifieds websites.

April 2006

MyHeritage - Family and Genealogy

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Face recognition for your photos and family tree

Context Free

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An environment for editing and rendering CFDG design grammars.

Pop Experiment

Experimental Pop Cross-Pollination: I loved the "Visual Arts" category.

March 2006


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free automatic social bookmark submission


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Blog Trafficking service with integration!


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Sell what you say through Ether providing telephone or email consultations for the price you set.


Web service enabling people to buy and sell merchandise directly on their blogs and through news readers.


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Classifieds service that collects listings from blogs. Tag your post with "listing" to have it indexed by Edgeio. The service is well-designed and very innovative. What's more, it's extremely easy to use. Nonethless, it remains to be seen how many bloggers will actually sell items on their blogs.

blummy -- The bookmarklet management bookmarklet.

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blummy is a free tool for quick access to your favorite web services via your bookmark toolbar.

February 2006


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Create a detailed online/web identity so that others can get to know you and make it easy for them to trust you.


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An application that saves bookmarks to multiple bookmarklet services simultaneously.

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A site focused on a personalized search experience, with emphasis on fresh-ness.

Miranda Instant Messenger

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A multi-protocol, resource-efficient, instant-messaging service.

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Google start page featuring a tag cloud consisting of recent/popular Google searches.