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26 March 2007 21:00

We Know Who Pays The Most Taxes…Who Benefits Most?

Quite a few studies show us who pays taxes in the U.S.. How about we have a look at who gets the most government spending. A report put out by the Tax Foundation, whose mission is to educate taxpayers about sound tax policy, reveals some interesting if unsurprising answers.

25 March 2007 13:00

Let’s Abolish The IRS!

Oh goody…’s tax time. April 15 looms as those of us who choose not to let the government benefit from our money throughout the year prepare to pay our “fair” share. Some dimwits actually look forward to this time of year. “I like getting a refund”, they say. Do you not realize the government has been earning interest on your money while you wait for that “refund”? Shouldn’t you rightfully be earning that interest?

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